Higher Secondary / +2 in any stream, Working knowledge in English

Program Duration

12 Hours in 4 Weeks, 3 Hours / Week

Fee Structure

INR                  USD
4,500                  65

The Temple Dance is a Dance Studio on vision to enlighten dilapidated and unknown temples. Dance is not only an art form but also an opportunity to express, to create, to give, to tell a story, to live. This art form will bring to light the plight of many historical temples that were this nation's most valuable assets. The Temple Dance tries its best to bring back those roots of education to the following generations and give a new life to our broken-down heritage and culture.

Level Advanced

Duration 1 and a half hours each day x 15 days.

Session count 15

Format 15 days (5 weeks x 3 days) (2 practicals x 90mins) - (1theory x 60mins)


  1. Kuchipudi History
  2. Navarasas (Nine Expressions of Dance)
  3. Astavida nayika Lakshanas (classifications of 8 women)
  4. Mulam of Bhamakalapam (Histroy behind Character Satyabhama)


  1. Shabdas (Sub Branch in Classical Dance)
  2. Javali (Presenting nayika lakshanam in abhinaya)
  3. Padam (Presenting nayika lakshanam in abhinaya)
  4. PravesaDharuvu of Satyabhama