An Overview

SRM University-AP is globally connected, working with top universities across the world to provide a truly global experience to students. We have developed a series of international study programmes with partner universities that instils a sense of global citizenship in our students and enables them to be competitive in an increasingly "small" world.

Crossing the borders to study is all about removing learning and career barriers. An increasing number of SRM students are gaining immense success in their careers through the outstanding international exposure we provide. Study abroad programmes range from going abroad for a short duration to getting a doctoral degree from a partner University.


A detailed look below will help you select a programme best suited for your profile and career progression

Student Exchange

The exchange programme will establish wonder, celebration, collaboration, and transformation through our research and teaching international networks.

Diplomas/Certificate Programmes/Minors

With so many opportunities around, it’s common for our students to wish they could do more with their time at SRM University-AP. Certificate programs/Diplomas/Minors abroad are one solution!


A horizon of opportunities for students to go overseas by collaborating with the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Chicago

India Immersion Programmes

A one of a kind program that centres on uniquely Indian qualities like Sanskrit, Ayurveda / Holistic Wellness, Indian Arts, Indian Culinary Sciences, Yoga, Tourism and Hospitality. Students and faculty from overseas will get exposure to the heritage, the plurality of cultures and technological advances of India.

Research & Grants

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Doctoral Studies

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Summer/Winter/Other Exposure Programme

These programmes generally happen in the summer vacations or winter vacations of the academic year. A summer/winter school is a form of educational programme that offers courses, both academic and non-academic.

Semester Abroad Programme

Spend one full semester abroad and make your academic journey truly international with the path-breaking semester abroad programme offered at SRM.