Student Study Visa for New Zealand

Visa Description

Students going to New Zealand to study for more than three months would require to apply for a New Zealand Student Visa. A student visa allows applicants to study full-time in New Zealand for a stipulated period of time

Candidates looking to apply for their New Zealand Student Visa must have the following documents as part of their visa application process:

  • The name of the program you are allowed to study
  • The name of the educational provider
  • The New Zealand location of the provider, and
  • The requirement to hold acceptable insurance

Qualifications for Student Visa in New Zealand

In order to travel to New Zealand with a student visa, an international student must fulfill the following criteria:
Applicants must have confirmed their offer letter for a course registered under the Ministry of Education of New Zealand or NZQA.
It is mandatory for the applicants to show a proof of INR 8,00,000 approx for a year in order to stay in New Zealand for study.
An applicant must maintain NZD 1250 per month in order to survive in New Zealand.
A ticket not to New Zealand but elsewhere to prove that the applicant actually has enough expenses to study and stay in New Zealand.

Cost of New Zealand Student Visa Application

New Zealand Visa Cost: Students who are submitting their Student Visa Application online are required to pay a Visa fee of NZD 330 + INR 747 (approximately) as the receiving center fees (New Delhi). Candidates who are applying for their Student Visa via post are required to pay USD 222 + Rs. 1,124 (approximately) as the receiving center fees (New Delhi). Candidates should note that the handling charges could change depending on the Visa Center, hence applicants are required to check the official website before applying for the exact amount at the time.
Note: Additional documentation may be required. During the personal interview, additional documents may be requested by the interviewer.