Dual Degree Programme is the perfect choice for students who have already mapped out a solid plan for their future careers. This programme enables students to undertake graduate coursework towards two different degrees simultaneously. A Dual Degree is an advanced academic alternative to other traditional degree programmes. By concurrently offering two degrees, one from SRM-AP and the other at one of our international partner universities, students will be conferred with two different degrees by both universities.

Dual Degree programmes at SRM AP are popular since students are exposed to two areas of study while experiencing cross-cultural immersion. Earning an internationally recognised qualification is one of the rewarding aspects of this programme. Learning from two different and internationally recognised universities will also help them diversify their knowledge spectrum. Our students can thus earn two undergraduate degrees within a short period.

Structure of Dual Degree Programme

  • The credit earned for the course(s) in one institution will be counted for degrees to be awarded by both the institutions
  • The degrees shall be conferred by the Indian and foreign institutions, separately and simultaneously, upon completion of degree requirements of both the institutions.
  • Institutions must make sure that credits earned by the students are not from overlapping courses.


Two degrees in a short span of time

One degree from SRMAP & one from International Partner University

Gather inter-disciplinary knowledge

Flexibility of choosing subjects as per credits

Exposure to international learning practices

Learn from the best in the world

Placements in Indian as well as international job markets

Save the tuition fee spent on two different courses

Name of a global university makes your resume stand out

Our Partner Universities

Student testimonials

The amazing faculty of SRMAP are always very supportive and helped me to excel in my academics. Life at SRMAP is very vibrant.


I have good friends from all over the country. Those from the North Indian states like Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Bihar help me learn Hindi.
National Youth Parliament

Sikindhar Jaladi

The curriculum helped enhance my knowledge of different domains from the beginning of my course. It showed me a direction for what I need to pursue.

Purab Agarwal

I admire SRM AP for helping me build my skills and for being helpful to all students to explore new opportunities and create new relations.

Pragya Gupta