International Admissions Procedure

Candidates can apply for any of the programs offered by SRM University AP, Andhra Pradesh, in any one of the following two modes.

  1. Apply online: Using credit or debit card, paying the fee of $50 / INR 3000/-.
  2. Download: Fill application details online, print and courier to us along with the fee of $ 50 / INR 3000/- via:
    • DD - DD to be drawn in favor of “SRM UNIVERSITY AP,  AMARAVATI” payable at “Guntur”.
    • Wire transfer, Bank Account details for Wire Transfer:
      • Name of the Beneficiary               SRM UNIVERSITY AP,  AMARAVATI
      • Account Number of the Beneficiary         6694692394
      • IFSC Code            IDIB000B030
      • SWIFT Code        IDIBINBBGTR
      • Bank Name         Indian Bank
      • Branch Name     SRM University Campus
    • Pay at the University Campus Address: Neerukonda, Mangalagiri Mandal, Mangalagiri, Andhra Pradesh 522502, India.

Note: All applicants are encouraged to use the online mode or wire transfer mode for quick processing.


Fill up the application carefully without missing any details. If the marks are not known or not available at the time of filling the application, please indicate "Results are awaited" in the marks/grade column. Candidates whose results are generally released not before June may send the forecast / predicted / term results of the qualifying examination duly endorsed by the head of their school. The candidate is expected to send the marks to the university as soon as it is available to ascertain the eligibility. It is to be noted that the application will be considered only if the marks are made available to the university within the stipulated date. If the mark sheets of the qualifying examination are not submitted within the stipulated date to SRM University AP, Andhra Pradesh, the University cannot be held responsible for the lost opportunity to study or future career.

Attach/Upload the Following Documents

  1. Grade 10 and Grade 12 / Bachelors / Masters Degree certificates along with mark sheets/transcripts

Note: Both front and back sides of the mark sheets are to be copied and sent in order to get additional information about the grade equivalence, passing requirements etc. If the content in the mark sheets is not in English, then the certified English translated version must also be submitted in addition to the native language certificate. In case the results have not been released, then the predicted marks/grades or the term result of the qualifying examination must be submitted)

  1. Copy of the passport of the applicant (personal details page)
  2. Copy of the Visa (for NRI applicants)
  3. Copy of passport of parent /sponsor (personal details page)

Applicants who have chosen the download mode must send the application to the email id along with academic transcripts, on or before August 30, 2020.

On receipt of the completed application along with the prescribed application fee, an application number will be allotted and emailed to the applicant. We may request for additional or missing information, if any. Please quote the application number in all your correspondences related to admissions.

30thAug 2020 Last date for receipt of all necessary documents including Mark/ Grade sheets for all programs in School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) and School of Liberal Arts and Basic Sciences (SLABS)
30th May and 30th September, 2020 For admission to PhD in August and January respectively

Based on the predicted scores / term result / final scores, if the eligibility requirements for the program applied for have been found to be satisfied, then the provisional admission letter will be emailed with details of tuition fee and other fees payable. This provisional admission letter is not valid for visa purposes. It is very important that the students who have submitted the predicted / forecasted / term results must submit the actual marks / grade sheet of the qualifying examination as soon as it is available and has to meet the eligibility requirements for the program.

The tuition, hostel / accommodation, registration fee, examination fee and other applicable fees must be paid in US Dollars by electronic transfer only within 30 days from the date of issue of the provisional admission letter (Email). FEES REMITTED MUST BE EXCLUSIVE OF BANK CHARGES. The university is not responsible for non-delivery of the e-mail for any reasons what-so-ever. The bank details for electronic transfer will be provided in the provisional admission letter.

Immediately after effecting the wire transfer, fill up all details in the "DETAILS OF THE ELECTRONIC FUND TRANSFER" form, scan and send it to & by email. This is mandatory and very important to effect proper and timely credit.

Once the (a) full annual tuition fees (b) registration fees and (c) examination fees, for the first year, are received and credited into our account, and on receipt of final mark sheets and all other mandatory documents, the letter of confirmed admission will be sent by email. Please note that the fee has to be paid within the stipulated date and the admission will be confirmed on "Merit-cum-First Come First Serve" basis. Failure to pay the full tuition fees will automatically deprive the applicant of the admission opportunity and the university reserves the right to admit other eligible applicants without further notice. SRM University AP, Andhra Pradesh, cannot be held responsible for any lost opportunities or loss/damages arising thereof. The confirmed admission letter may be used by foreign students to apply for student visa, ticketing, insurance and others.

Pre-enrolment is the process of verifying the original certificates and obtaining declarations from the parents/student, on arrival to the campus. The university will send a separate communication detailing the procedure for pre-enrollment, commencement of classes and other information necessary for completing the admission formalities. The candidates are advised to look at the website ( for the actual date of commencement of first year classes.

Students are advised to reach SRM University AP, Andhra Pradesh,  at least 2-3 days prior to the commencement of classes.

The following documents in original are to be submitted at the time of registration:

  1. Degree or Pass certificate of the qualifying examination Grade / mark sheet of the qualifying examination, translated versions of all documents, if they are not in English. Copy of Passport with a valid student visa (Original will be returned after verification) Equivalence certificate from Association of Indian Universities wherever applicable.
  1. Medical Examination:

Every candidate needs to undergo a medical examination (refer the attachment sent along with PAL for the nature of tests to be undergone by the candidate) in any reputed hospital and the report to be sent through email to

Confirmed Admission Letter will be issued only after the receipt of the medical examination report.

  1. Security Registration:

It is a part of the normal mandatory process that within the stipulated time frame of arrival in India, the student has to register his/ her name with the police in the Foreigner's Registration Office (FRO) / Foreigner's Regional Registration Office (FRRO). The time frame may vary from 24 hours to 14 days of arrival depending on the country of origin. A student with a PIO card also must register at the FRRO. Only OCI card holders need not register. SRM University AP, Andhra Pradesh, would only provide necessary assistance in this regard. The applicable immigration processing fees and other related expenses have to be additionally borne by the student.

No change of course is allowed after the issue of confirmed admission letter.

The process of examination, grading, and award of the degree is no different from that of Indian students. Each semester all students have to pay the applicable examination fees as and when announced.

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