Guest Faculty

Dr Santanu Kumar Rath

School of Entrepreneurship and Management Studies


  1. Strategic HRM
  2. Strengthening Organizational Capabilities
  3. CSR & Sustainability



Institute of Physics, Bhubaneshwar

Research Interest

  • Fabrication and characterization of 2D layered transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs), Oxides (TMOs) and Carbides (Mxenes) leading to device applications i.e. FETs, Solar Cells and Energy storage · Epitaxial growth of Metal and Semiconductor hetero-structures and their characterizations.
  • Crystallographic texture analysis by X-ray pole figure and RHEED surface pole figure techniques.


  • Direct Observation of Grain Boundaries in Chemical Vapor Deposited Graphene - J.-Y. Lee, J.-H. Lee, M. J. Kim, J. K. Dash, C. Lee, R. Joshi, A. Soon, G.-H. Lee Carbon 115, 147-153 (2017)
  • Large single crystal SnS2 flakes synthesized from co-evaporation of Sn and S - Yang, J. K. Dash, A. Littlejohn, T.-M. Lu, G.-C. Wang - Crystal growth and Design, 16(2), 961-973 (2016)
  • Tuning the phase and optical property of ultra-thin SnSx films - Yang, J. K. Dash, T.-M. Lu, G.-C. Wang, L. H. Zhang and K. Kisslinger - Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 120 (24), 13199-13214 (2016)

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