Assistant Professor

Dr Sangita Das

Department of Mathematics


  1. Applied Probability
  2. Statistics
  3. Reliability Theory



University of Calcutta


IIEST Shibpur


NIT Rourkela

Research Interest

  • Develop several ordering results between two order statistics arising from independent as well as interdependent heterogeneous random samples in a different stochastic sense.
  • Develop several interesting sufficient conditions for which we can compare two complex systems (series, parallel, k-out-of-n), two claim amounts (smallest, largest), claimed by an insured person at a period according to their survival time or by their time of failure or by their claim amounts, respectively.
  • Application of the established results in different fields of Applied Statistics, like Risk management, Auction theory, Reliability theory, Survival analysis, etc.


  • Jan 04 to Mar 31, 2022 – Visiting Researcher - Department of Data analysis and mathematical modelling, Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium.
  • Apr 01 to Aug 01, 2022 – Visiting Scientist – Statistics and Mathematics Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore, India.

Awards & Fellowships

  • 2017 – CSIR - Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) - CSIR-UGC NET
  • 2015 – GATE (JRF) - GATE


  • Ordering results between extreme order statistics in models with dependence defined by Archimedean [survival] copulas - Sangita Das, S. Kayal & N. Torrado, Ricerche di Matematica, 37pp. (2022)
  • Ordering results for smallest claim amounts from two portfolios of risks with dependent heterogeneous exponentiated location-scale claims - Sangita Das, S. Kayal, & N. Balakrishnan, Probability in the Engineering and Informational Sciences, 22 pp. (2021)
  • Ordering results between the largest claims arising from two general heterogeneous portfolios, Sangita Das & S. Kayal, Filomat, 35(4), 1315-1332, (2021)
  • Orderings of the smallest claim amounts from exponentiated location-scale models, Sangita Das, S. Kayal & N. Balakrishnan, Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability, 23(3), 971-999. (2021)
  • Some ordering results for the Marshall and Olkin’s family of distributions, Sangita Das & S. Kayal, Communications in Mathematics and Statistics, 9(2), 153–179. (2021)
  • Ordering results on extremes of exponentiated location-scale models, Sangita Das, S. Kayal, & D. Choudhuri, Probability in the Engineering and Informational Sciences, 35(2), 331–354. (2021)
  • Ordering extremes of exponentiated location-scale models with dependent and heterogeneous random samples, Sangita Das & S. Kayal, Metrika, 83(8), 869-893. (2020)

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