Guest Faculty

Dr Salome Divya Joseph


  1. Academic design and delivery
  2. Coaching & Training (Group interventions)
  3. Counselling and Psychotherapy



University of Madras
Ph.D Psychology


University of Madras
M.Sc. Psychology

Professional Service

  • Dec. 2019 to Dec 2021– Assistant Professor and Faculty Coordinator, Department of Psychology – SRM University AP
  • May 2017 to Dec 2019 - Assistant Professor, Psychology, CHRIST University, Bengaluru
  • June 2016 to April 2017 - Assistant Professor, Psychology, SSS Jain College, Chennai

Research Interests

  • Positive Psychology and Promoting mental health
  • Developing effective modules for vocational development, guidance, counselling & mentoring
  • Workplace wellness, positive leadership practices
  • Culture/context-specific assessments and interventions

Awards & Fellowships

  • Recipient of ‘Excellence in Ph.D. award’ from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, for outstanding PhD thesis


  • Indian Academy of Applied Psychology (IAAP)

List of Publications

Research articles
  • Joseph, S.D., Sasikala, S. & Kumar, A.V. (2021). Framework to Navvigate the Virtual Classrooom Space. In. (Ed.) Basic Communication and Assessment Prerequisites for the New Normal of Education (pp. 207-225). IGI Global. http://doi:10.4018/978-1-7998-8247-3.
  • Gumber, M., Sharma, A., & Joseph, S.D. (2020). Embarrassment in the Context of Negative Emotions and its Effects on Information Processing. In (Ed.) Emotion and Information Processing: A Practical Approach. SPRINGER NATURE. URL:
  • Vijaykumar, S.D., Kumar, R., Kaur, A., Bhat, V., Verma, R. & Kedia, A. (2018). Self-Compassion as a Foundation for the Development of Character Strengths in Adolescents. In (Ed.) Character Strengths Development: Concepts and Practices from Positive Psychology (pp. 179-203).  Sage Publications. ISBN: 978-93-528-0777-2.
  • Khadhijah, Z. & Vijaykumar, S.D. (2018). Difference in Social Anxiety among Students of Single-sex and Co-Education Schools. International Journal of Indian Psychology, 6(4), 118-126. DIP:18.01.032/20180604, DOI:10.25215/0604.032.
  • Dhir, R, Parashar, N. & Vijaykumar, S.D. (2018). “Categorization of Online Religious Content by undergraduate Students on the Basis of Religiosity and Spirituality”. In (Ed.). Contemporary technologies: Prospects and Challenges for Psychological Well-being (pp. 234-246). Today Publishers. ISBN: 978-93-87882-14-0.
  • Juanita, J.M., & Vijaykumar, S.D. (2017). Impact of Familial Factors on Resilience and Identity among Undergraduate Students. In (Ed.) Selected papers of the International Conference – Enhancing Well-being across Human Lifespan (pp. 135-151). Today Publishers. ISBN: 978-93-85165-68-9.
  • Vijaykumar, S.D. & Lavanya, T. (2016). Orientations of High School Students and Parents towards Vocational Guidance and Counselling. Indian Journal of Career and Livelihood Planning. (Published by Indian Association for Career and Livelihood Planning. ISSN 2319-2313) Vol 4(1), 38-51.
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  • Vijaykumar, S.D. & Lavanya, T. (2014). Psychological Perspectives on Teaching in Higher Education: Then and Now. International Journal of Management Research and Social Science. Published by IRDP. ISSN 2394-6407) Vol. 1(1), 53-59.
  • Vijaykumar, S.D., Swetha, T., Lavanya, T. & Swaminathan, V.D. (2014). Relationship of Personality, Time Use Efficiency and Sensory Preference to Working Memory of Post-graduate Students. In (Ed.) Cognitive Science in India: Winning Young Scientists, 60-87.  Published by TR Publications. ISBN 8182860148.

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