Assistant Professor

Dr Pallab Kanti Dey

Department of Mathematics


  1. Elliptic Curves
  2. Diophantine Equations



Ramakrishna Mission Residential College, Narendrapur, University of Calcutta,


Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira, Belur Math, University of Calcutta,


Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad,


  • November 2018-April 2021 - NBHM Postdoctoral Fellow - Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Educational and Research Institute, Belur Math, West Bengal
  • October 2016-October 2018 - Visiting Scientist - Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi

Research Interest

  • Classification of torsion groups for a family of elliptic curves over various fields
  • Connection between theory of elliptic curves and certain Diophantine problems

Awards & Fellowships

  • 2017 - NBHM Postdoctoral Fellowship - NBHM/DAE
  • 2016 - Infosys Prize - HRI, Allahabad
  • 2011 - NET - CSIR
  • 2010 - GATE - MHRD


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  • Perfect powersin sum of three fifth powers; P. Das, P. K. Dey, A. Koutsianas, N. Tzanakis; arXiv: 2008.07804; Accepted in Journal of Number Theory (2021).
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