Assistant Professor

Dr P Kumaran

Department of Computer Science and Engineering


  1. Prediction of Influential User in Online Social Network
  2. Social Internet of Things
  3. Visual Assistive Technology for Visually Impaired



Dr Navalar Nedunchezhiyan College of Engineering, Anna University Tiruchirappalli


VelTech MultiTech Dr RR Dr SR Engineering College, Anna University Chennai


Anna University, Chennai


  • 29.11.2019 to 10.05.2021 - Post - Doctoral Fellow – National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli
  • 09.07.2018 to 25.11.2019 - Assistant Professor - SASTRA Deemed to be University, Thanjavur
  • 01.06.2013 to 02.12.2014 - Assistant Professor - VelTech MultiTech Dr.Rangarajan Dr. Sakunthala Engineering College, Chennai

Research Interest

  • My area of interest is social network analysis, social Internet of things, and Deep Artificial Intelligence. I have a plan to combine different social networks and extract the essence of content flooded in it. Applying those extracted content for rapid flood inundation mapping is very helpful for the Indian Institute of remote sensing nowadays. The multi-model results social network helps in online campaigns in a rapid manner.
  • Along with that social network data, it also applied various IoT applications to make various smart city applications of IoT state and country wise. Next, implement deep AI models in various healthcare applications like eye sight prediction and walking assistive system for visually impaired people around the world. Concerning these ideas, I have a plan for publishing papers in reputed journals and filing patents related to these concepts.

Awards & Fellowships

  • 2011 - State-Level2ndRank Holder and Gold Medalist - Anna University
  • 2013 - State-Level 1st Rank Holder and Gold Medalist - Anna University
  • 2015 - UGC-NFOBC Ph.D. Fellow – UGC
  • 2011 - Best outstanding student award – Dr NNCE, Thozhudhur
  • 2013 - Best outstanding student award – VelTech MultiTech Dr. RR Dr. SR Engineering College, Chennai
  • 2016 - Best Paper Award - ICCTIDE'16, ICCPCT’16, and ICICES’16
  • 2021 - Young Achiever Award - Institute of Scholars, Bangalore


  • Life Member in International Association of Engineers (IAENG ID: 275720)
  • Life Member in Institute of Scholars (InSc)


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