Assistant Professor

Dr M Krishna Siva Prasad

Department of Computer Science and Engineering


  1. Natural Language Processing
  2. Computational Linguistics
  3. Deep Learning and Machine Learning



JNT University,
Kakinada, India


JNT University,
Kakinada, India


Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology,
Maharashtra, India


  • 29 Dec-2020 to 30 July-2022 – Assistant Professor Sr. Grade 1, VIT-AP university, Amaravati
  • 04 Jan-2016 to 22 Dec-2020 – Research Scholar & Teaching Assistant – VNIT, Nagpur
  • 01 Jan-2013 to 08 Dec-2015 – Assistant Professor – QISCET, Ongole

Research Interest

  • Multi-sense embeddings for Various NLP down stream activities.
  • Analysis of Short text similarity to understand the sarcasm, behaviour of speech data.

Awards & Fellowships

  • 2019 – Best Research Award ( Research scholar Day) -- VNIT, Nagpur
  • 2016 – Visvesvaraya Fellowship – Meity, GOI


  • International Association of Engineers (Member Id: 121407)


Journal Publications

  • Exploring intrinsic information content models for addressing the issues of traditional semantic measures to evaluate verb similarity – M. Krishna Siva Prasad, Poonam Sharma, Computer Speech and Language, 71, 101280 (2022)
  • Multi-sense Embeddings Using Synonym Sets and Hypernym Information from Wordnet – M. Krishna Siva Prasad, Poonam Sharma, International Journal of Interactive Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence, 6(4), 68-79 (2020)
  • Similarity of Sentences With Contradiction Using Semantic Similarity Measures -- M Krishna Siva Prasad, Poonam Sharma, The Computer Journal, 65 (3), 701–717 (2022).


  • Path and Information content based Semantic Similarity Measure to Estimate Word-Pair Similarity -- – M. Krishna Siva Prasad, D. Chandra Mohan, Nilesh Chandra K Pikle, Snehal Shinde, Presented at AMMLAC, NIT Raipur, 2022.
  • Combining Common Words And Semantic Features For Sentence Similarity -- – M. Krishna Siva Prasad, Poonam Sharma, presented at 9 th ICCCNT conference at IISC Bengaluru.
  • Modified Path Measure to Assess Sentence Similarity, – M. Krishna Siva Prasad, Poonam Sharma, CICT-2018 at IIIT Jabalpur.
  • Hybrid semantic similarity measure to estimate word-pair similarity -- – M. Krishna Siva Prasad, Poonam Sharma, ISCO-2019, Karpagam college of Engineering, Coimbatore.

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