Assistant Professor

Dr Lalita Mohan Mohapatra

Department of Management


  1. Financial Development
  2. Financial Management
  3. Investments





IIT Kharagpur


IIT Madras

Research Interest

  • Financial development and investments
  • Capital flows during financial crisis period
  • Financial openness and investments


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Devarapalli, S., and Mohapatra, L.M. (xxxx). Impact of Corporate Governance Characteristics on Integrated Reporting Quality: An Empirical Analysis, Evidence from India. Indian Journal of Corporate Governance. (Accepted, ABDC C, Scopus Q3)

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Mohapatra, L. M. and Gopalaswamy, A. K. (2016), FDI, domestic investment and 2008 financial Crisis: Evidence from emerging nations. The Journal of Developing Areas, 50(6), 277-289.

Book Chapters

Mohapatra, L. M., Kamesh, A. V. S., & Roul, J. (2023). Challenges and Path Ahead for Artificial Intelligence-aided Human Resource Management. In The Adoption and Effect of Artificial Intelligence on Human Resources Management, Part A (pp. 107-121). Emerald Publishing Limited. (Scopus)

Bhavyasri, M. Y. V. S., & Mohapatra, L. M. (2022). Financial performance analysis of selected Indian pharmaceutical companies during COVID-19 outbreak. In Building Resilient Organizations (pp. 61-73). Routledge.

Conference Presentations

Mohapatra, L. M. and Gopalaswamy, A. K. (2016), Foreign Direct Investment, Domestic investment and 2008 financial crisis: The rise of Emerging Nations. Australia-Middle East Conference on Business and Social Sciences, Dubai.

Mohapatra, L. M. and Gopalaswamy, A. K. (2016), Dynamic Nexus between Financial Development and FDI for the Emerging Nations post 2008 Global Financial Crisis. International Conference on Financial Markets and Corporate Finance, IIT Madras.

Mohapatra, L. M. (2015), Financial Development, Financial Crises and Long-term Capital Flows: An Emerging Market Perspective, 5th India Finance Conference, IIM Calcutta.

Mohapatra, L. M. and Gopalaswamy, A. K. (2014), Linkages between Foreign Direct Investment and Domestic investment: Impact on India post 2008 Global Financial Crisis, PAN IIM Conference, IIM Kozhikode.

Conference Participation

Raghuram, A.S.S., Organizing Committee Member, Screening Committee Member (Reviewer) and a Session Chair for International Conference on Financial Markets and Corporate Finance 2016, IIT Madras (2016).

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