Faculty Profiles
Department of Mechanical Engineering:

Dr. Prakash Jadhav
Research areas : Computational and experimental mechanics, Design/analysis/manufacturing/testing of composite structures, Impact, Vibration, Bird Strike.

Dr. Jadhav’s current research is in Design, Analysis, Manufacturing and Testing of Fiber Reinforced Composite Structures, Experimental Mechanics, Computational Mechanics, Vibration, Impact, Bird strike. Dr Prakash has worked in industrial research for almost 9 years and contributed directly to improve the product performance, efficiency and making them lightweight. He worked on designing and developing products that are made of fiber reinforced composites and to be used in aerospace, energy, heathcare and transportation sector. He worked directly on products like composite fan blade, composite fan case, composite table top for MRI machine, composite cabs for railway locomotive, abradable coatings for gas turbine blades and composite wind blade. He filed 5 patents on the innovative ideas to improve their efficiency and performance. He also wrote 25 internal technical reports in GE on his research. For these accomplishments, he was awarded global innovation award by GE Management. He published over 20 papers in peer reviewed journals and conferences, wrote two book chapters.

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Prof. Sivakumar Narayanswamy (Visiting faculty)
Research areas : High precision optical metrology, Static dynamic and surface characterization, Laser Machining.

Dr. Venkata Nori
Research areas :Propulsion, Engine Combustion/Cooling, Emission reduction, Development of reduced reaction mechanisms, Power Plant Optimization, Alternate/Hybrid energy technologies, Sustainable living.

Propulsion, Engine Combustion/Cooling, Emission reduction, Fuel chemistry, Power Plant Optimization, Alternate/Hybrid energy technologies.

Dr. Sheela Singh
Research areas :My work is focused on Design and Development of Advanced Materials for Automotive and Aerospace applications.

Dr. Singh’s research is into Interconnect material for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC), Thermal Barrier Coating system (TBC) for turbine blades, High temperature solid lubricants, Nano fluids. She has published over 22 papers in various reputed peer reviewed journals.

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Dr. G. S. Vinod Kumar
Research areas : Light alloys and composites, Metal foams, Solidification and processing of light alloys and structure property correlation.
Process development for hard Gold alloy, tarnish free Silver and high strength lead free Brass for Industry.

Dr. Vinod’s research is into Solidification Processing of light alloys and its composites, Metal foams, Precious Metals (Au, Ag) and Brass. Structure Property correlation, understanding structures using large scale characterization tools (3DAP, Synchrotron radioscopy and tomography and Microgravity). He has 8 patents (5 granted, 2 published and 1 filed) along with a patent jointly with industry. He developed technologies that are transferred to Titan Company Ltd, Hosur, TN. He has over 35 peer reviewed journal papers.

Dr. Satya Pramod Jammy
Research areas :His main research interests are into scale resolving numerical simulations, with application to space research.

Dr. Jammy’s research interests are into design of novel numerical algorithms for fluid flows. In the last four years he leads the development of an open-source framework for the solution of PDE’s using finite differences. He uses state-of-the-art computing platforms to do scale-resolving simulations. His application areas hypersonic flows, re-entry vehicles, and wing-tip vortex development. He has published 9 papers in reputed international peer-reviewed journals, a co-PI for two computing grants from prestigious funding agencies like EPSRC, and also he is the co-PI for a PRACE compute access grant (open for researchers across the world), which was awarded 3500 million CPU hours on Europe’s super computer (HazelHen)..

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Dr. Surfarazhussain S. Halkarni
Research areas :Experimental Heat transfer, Experimental Fluid Dynamics, Transport in Porous media, Convective heat transfer, Thermal energy storage, Electronics Cooling etc.

Dr. Halkarni’s research interests are into Experimental Heat transfer and Fluid Dynamics, Transport in porous media, Convective Heat Transfer. He actively worked on development of various research facilities during his career. He has published in various international peer reviewed journals and conferences.

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Dr. Jayaprakash Sharma Panchagnula
Research areas :Additive Manufacturing of complex metallic objects with overhanging features using higher order kinematics and Feature recognition from slicing and reverse engineering.

Dr. Panchagnula Jayaprakash Sharma obtained his PhD degree in the field of metallic Additive Manufacturing (Thesis title: Additive Manufacturing of Complex Metallic Objects with Overhanging Features: Slicing and Path Planning Strategies) in 2017 from IIT Hyderabad. His research interests include metallic AM (arc and/or laser), Composite AM, feature recognition, new slicing and path planning techniques for additive manufacturing and CNC machining. He proposed an efficient algorithm for depositing the overhanging features through weld-deposition, without the use of supports and named it as inclined slicing and deposition. This approach uses higher order kinematics i.e., adding extra rotary axes to the work piece. He published four international journals and eight international peer reviewed conferences. With his expertise, he proposes to develop both continuous and discontinuous bulk FGM components for various engineering applications using AM with improved mechanical properties

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Dr. Lakshmi Sirisha Maganti
Research areas: Developing effective cooling systems to address the cooling challenges of electronic components. Also Interested in diverse areas like miniaturization of R&AC and desalination of water using Graphene sheets.

Dr. Lakshmi Sirisha Maganti has received her PhD degree from Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai. During her PhD she worked on developing effective cooling systems for electronic components. The research has brought up several interesting phenomena and the same has been appreciated by reputed journals in the field. In addition, she also worked in diverse areas such as enhancing breakdown strength of transformer oils, viscoelastic characteristics of nano-gels and bio applications for cancer treatment. In total she has 13 publications in peer reviewed journals with cumulative impact factor of 31.5. She has Post Doc Experience from State University of New York Binghamton, USA. During PDF, she worked in the area of developing cooling techniques for Dara Centers. Also, worked with water-surfactant colloids as coolants in data centers, which will alter the surface mechanisms like surface tension of the fluid, to improve the hydrodynamic performance of heat sinks.

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Dr. Janardhan Vistapalli
Research areas: Unconventional Machining Process (Wire EDM, EDM, EDM Turning, Wire EDM Turning). Multibody Dynamics, Robotics, Aerial robots and Aerial Manipulation.

Dr. Janardhan’s research interests are in the area of Multibody dynamics, especially robotics. He has developed a Biped robot that jumps vertically with control, kinematic analysis of the same for forward motion. He has published in various national and international journals as well as conferences.

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