ROBOFEST – Workshop cum national level championship on “Wi-Fi controlled robots.”

“Innovation is a change that unlocks new value”

SRM- AP and IIT ROORKEE along with FINLAND LABS, REVERT TECHNOLOGY Pvt.Ltd has organized and conducted Two days national level ‘Wi-Fi controlled robot’ workshop cum championship, from 15 to 16 February 2018 in SRM AP campus. This ROBOFEST was all about designing Wi-Fi controlled robots which could perform some elementary and featured functions by using computer software. The workshop was giving a great enthusiasm to all the groups of students, and it was a great boost to daily academics of the students.

Initially it started with a workshop, where Mr Aadarsh, who works in Finland Labs, instructor and co-ordinator for the workshop had addressed students and helped understand basic robotic functions, its usage and applications. Students actively participated in this workshop in great numbers.

This two-day workshop included designing up to 6-8 projects using robots and computer software, and after the completion of the sessions, a competition was conducted among the students to design a specific robo-project, and winners were declared after the competition. And the selected top 5 groups in this competition will be going to IIT ROORKEE championship, which is going to be held on 23 March 2018.

The programme ignited and inspired the young minds in the direction of future robotics and propelled innovation in them for a better tomorrow.


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