“PDEs and Digital Images”- in discussion with Dr Vijayakrishna Rowthu

Department of Mathematics is back with another exciting version of the Departmental Seminars Series. This week, the Department of Mathematics invites the in-house mathematician Dr Vijayakrishna Rowthu to deliver a talk on “PDEs and Digital Images.” He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics. The seminar has been scheduled for April 07, 2021, at 3 pm.

Digital images are discrete versions of 2D functions defined over a rectangular bounded domain. In the language of Partial Differential Equations(PDE), a digital Image Processing Method(IPM) appears as an Initial Value Problem (IVP) where the initial value is an image, and the PDE mimics the processing part of the method. Unlike the traditional IPMs, the final outcome is not subjective but majorly depends on the convergence of the evolving solution over the time axis.

In this talk, various PDE models will be illustrated to showcase the benefits and to infuse enough mathematical rigour into the field of image processing itself. Mathematics enthusiasts are requested to avail this opportunity to listen to our distinguished speaker on April 07, at 3 pm.

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