National Science Day 2020

“Invention of technology is a result of teamwork”- Prof. M. Lakshmi Kantham

Lamp lighting ceremony to inaugurate National Science Day 2020

On the eve of National Science Day, faculty, students, and staff of SRM AP assemble to celebrate the spirit of continued research and inventions which helps the world move forward. National Science Day is observed to acknowledge the discovery of Raman Effect by CV Raman in 1928. Aligned to the theme of 2020, “Women in Science”, Prof. M. Lakshmi Kantham, Distinguished professor at Institution of Chemical Technology, Mumbai graced the inaugural ceremony as the Guest of Honour. Dr. D. Narayana Rao, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Dr. D. Gunasekaran, Registrar, and Prof. Jayaseelan Murugaiyan, along with Dr. Lakshmi Sirisha Maganti, Conveners, also presided the ceremony.

The distinguished guests paid homage to Prof. CV Raman and revered on his endless contribution to the field of scientific applications. Dr. D. Narayana Rao, Pro Vice-Chancellor expressed his regards towards Prof. CV Raman by explaining the plethora of applications of Raman Effect. He says, “One needs to be passionate, committed, and confident like Prof. CV Raman to excel in any field. Science Day is observed to recognize the scientists’ contribution to society, to provide a platform to the young scientists and kindle their interest in science, to create awareness regarding the significance of science and its applications, to discuss issues, and to popularize the opportunities offered by science.”

Prof. Narayana Rao addressing the gathering
Prof. M. Lakshmi Kantham takes the dais

Prof. M. Lakshmi Kantham takes the dais to speak about women’s contribution to science. She remembered the great works of women who contributed to science and technology. She recalled Anandibai Gopalrao Joshi, the first woman physician, Anna Mani, Indian physicist, and meteorologist, Ashima Chatterjee, inventor of anti-malarial drugs, to name a few. She used this opportunity to spread awareness among young students to avail of the benefits of various fellowship programs offered by the government to female students. She also identifies that the challenges witnessed by our country can be solved by encouraging more female students along with males to indulge in research. In her words, “Invention of technology is a result of teamwork. Passion, perfection, and persistence are key to research whereas hard work and innovation lead to success”.

27 schools were invited to the campus of SRM AP. Young students from 8th and 9th standard flocked with their teachers to participate in various activities designed for them. The schools exhibited their science projects in groups. The students also participated in a science quiz, followed by oral presentation competition where they were to speak for two minutes on random topics. The winners were awarded gold and silver medals by Prof. Lakshmi Kantham to encourage the students to further excel in their careers and contribute to scientific research and innovations in the future.

School students attending National Science Day

Picture credit (photography society)




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