Insights into VLSI Design @ ECE Department

The Department of Electrical and Communication Engineering (ECE) at SRM University-AP is organising a webinar session on the topic “Insights into VLSI Design @ ECE Department SRM AP” on August 14, 2021, Saturday, at 6.00 pm. Dr Indranil Hatai, Assistant Professor from the department will elucidate on the topic via the Zoom platform.

Very-large-scale integration (VLSI) is the process of creating an integrated circuit (IC) by combining thousands of transistors into a single chip. Before the introduction of VLSI technology, most ICs had a limited set of functions they could perform. An electronic circuit might consist of a CPU, ROM, RAM and other glue logic. VLSI lets IC designers add all of these into one chip. With the advent of very large scale integration (VLSI) designs, the number of applications of integrated circuits (ICs) in high-performance computing, controls, telecommunications, image and video processing, and consumer electronics has been rising at a very fast pace. The current cutting-edge technologies such as high resolution and low bit-rate video and cellular communications provide the end-users with a marvellous amount of applications, processing power and portability. This trend is expected to grow rapidly, with very important implications on VLSI design and systems design.

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Join this informative webinar on August 14, 2021, to know more about the ECE department at SRM University-AP that grooms students to the electronics industry that has achieved phenomenal growth due to the rapid advances in large scale integration technologies.

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