Insights into communication systems @ ECE Department

The Department of Electrical and Communication Engineering (ECE) at SRM University-AP is organising a webinar session on the topic “Insights into Communication Systems @ ECE Department SRM AP” on July 31, 2021, Saturday, at 6.00 pm. Dr V Udaya Sankar, Assistant Professor from the department will elucidate on the topic via the Zoom platform.

The Department of ECE fosters Future Communication Systems (FCS) research group which is actively involved in the theoretical and practical facets of communications systems and networks. The impact of such systems is of greater importance in the information-driven world in both the near and long term future. This research group spans the various aspects of communication & information theory, wireless communications, signal and image processing, wireless sensor networks, vehicular communications, Artificial Intelligence & machine learning, game theory & optimization, IoT etc.

Join this engaging webinar on July 31, 2021, to know more about the ECE department at SRM University-AP that focuses on applying the theoretical concepts to the practical applications in cellular communications, defence, satellite, consumer electronics, health care, remote sensing and the environment.

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