Inauguration of SRM ECell microsite

Upscaling and Innovation are two of the most integral components of Entrepreneurship.

Hence after almost a year full of Phenomenal experiences, international connections, first-hand interactions with Founders, CEOs and Experts, SRM Entrepreneurship is delighted to announce its newest version SRM ECell 3.0

So hope all of you are ready for even more breathtaking roles and many more latest spectacular initiatives. Technology makes life easier for us in many ways. The student community of SRM E-cell has taken this initiative to reimagine data interaction.

We are honoured to state that the Inauguration Ceremony will be graced by our honourable Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Prof D Narayana Rao.

The inauguration ceremony is scheduled for October 25, 2021, at 11.30 am (IST). The latest SRM ECell microsite will also be unveiled during the event.

We look forward to your gracious presence that would add vibrancy to the entire event.

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