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The International Relations and Higher Studies Office is pleased to launch the new Higher Education Awareness and Information Webinar Series aiming to mentor and support the students of SRM University – AP, Andhra Pradesh. The first episode in the series is scheduled to be held on September 16, 2021, at 6.00 pm (IST). Prof V S Rao, Vice-Chancellor; Dr Naga Swetha Pasupuleti, Associate Director, International Relations and Higher Studies; and Dr Sunil Chinnadurai, Faculty Coordinator, Higher Studies, will explain the various opportunities that SRM University-AP mete out to ambitious students who wish to study in universities of global repute abroad.

In today’s times, International education is an essential pillar of competitiveness. Aiding to gain exposure to new cultures and ideas, stimulating innovation and developing important cross-cultural competencies. as well as generate economic returns, which is a significant contribution.

Through this Lecture Series, the office of International Relations and Higher Studies aims to:

  • Encourage students to gain new skills needed for pursuing higher education abroad.
  • Help students to identify the countries from which they can pursue international education, the fields, levels of study, programs or courses to choose from and universities that best suit their profiles and resources.

The lecture series aims to ensure smooth sailing of the students from their graduation from SRM to the university of their choice for higher studies. In this lecture, the speakers will be discussing the roles and strengths of the IR office, the key aspects of International Higher Education, vital parameters to consider before applying, how to apply and other important information.

The Office of International Relations is working to ensure that all students and faculty on campus are supported, and assisted in gaining access to resources to accomplish the vision and mission of SRM University-AP to be known as a multidisciplinary Global University including but not limited to collaborations, inbound and outbound exchanges, courses, outreach events and programmes.

Join this illuminating session on September 16, 2021, at 6.00 pm to gather awareness, information, and support on the versatile higher education opportunities that are awaiting you!

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