“Films as History; Exploring Historiophoty”-a discussion on defining the relations between Films and History.

The Department of History, SRM University-AP, initiates a monthly webinar series with a thought-provoking discussion on defining the relations between Films and History. “Films as History; Exploring Historiophoty”, the introductory session of the series, has been scheduled for Tuesday, May 18, 2021, at 11 am.

Dr Sebastian Joseph, a Historian and Film Critic, will deliver the first talk of the webinar. Dr Joseph was the State Award Winner for Best work on Film History 2020. He has authored Cochin Forests and the British Techno-ecological Imperialism in India.

Dr Nandita Banerjee will be the keynote speaker in the second session of the webinar. She is an Associate Professor at Sindhu Kanho Birsa University and a pioneer in Film History and Visual Studies in History.

The webinar aims to discuss the use of films in particular and visual images in general as sources for the reconstruction of History. It will deal with the promises and challenges of Historiophoty as a sub-stream of history. Following Hayden White’s pathbreaking analysis of visual imagery and its location in historiography, Historiophoty has emerged as a most promising pathway for historians, particularly as we move towards a rapidly digitizing world. The webinar series will introduce students to new and exploratory themes in History.

Join the Webinar Here: https://srmap.zoom.us/j/96304703524?pwd=VVRBY3VLRDdsbEVGTDBBdnY0T2RrQT09
Meeting ID: 963 0470 3524
Passcode: 803909

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