Crack exams with ease: lessons from the maestro

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organises Invited Talk to prepare students for the upcoming competitive exams

Higher Studies or Job? Students are often torn between these two after the completion of their undergraduate studies. Whereas getting a job after B.E./B.Tech is not that difficult, but securing one’s dream job may not be that easy. Some students prefer to take admission in a reputed institution and pursue higher studies, some might want to join R&D in well-established companies. A few might be even interested in securing employment in the public sector. The choices vary from one student to another depending on their merit, financial stability and personal preferences. SRM University-AP always encourages students to go for their choices. A good pay package is only useful when it comes with a job of one’s inclination. However, first of all, one has to be aware of the choices he/she has. Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organises an invited talk on the two of the most sought after opportunities for engineers after their undergraduate studies- Indian engineering Services and GATE.

Indian Engineering Service offers highly prestigious employment under the Government of India. The IES is a very specialised and technical service. Only engineering graduates from recognised universities are eligible to take the entrance examination. Even postgraduates with specific specialisations such as wireless communications, radio engineering, electronics, or radiophysics are eligible to apply in certain posts. A career in Indian Engineering Services allows an engineer to administer a large segment of technical challenges in the public sector economy, consisting of Indian Railways, Power, Telecommunications, Central Water engineering, and Defence service of Engineers, Central Engineering Service.

On the other hand, the purpose of the GATE exam is to test students’ knowledge and understanding of their undergraduate level subjects in Engineering and Sciences. A misconception among the students is that the GATE exam is only necessary for the ME. /M. Tech aspirants who want to pursue a career in academia. But, the GATE score of the candidate is also valued by several public sector undertakings (PSU) for recruiting graduate engineers in entry-level positions or to be enlisted in the Fellowship Programs of CSIR or applying for scholarships in ME/M.Tech, and many more.

However, qualifying these examinations is not a piece of cake. It requires rigorous planning, perseverance and above all, hard work. But, there is always some strategic points which can make a student stand out in the exams. Dr Murali Prasad, the distinguished guest of the session, will brief you on some strategic points that will help you immensely in cracking the examinations. Dr Prasad has over 30 years of teaching experience, especially for competitive exams like GATE, IES in ACE Engineering Academy, Hyderabad. He has completed his graduation in engineering from The Institution of Engineers, Calcutta. He pursued his M tech from Pondicherry Engineering College and later obtained his PhD in WiMAX from JNTU Anantapur. Dr Prasad has published six patents and currently working as a Professor at Vardhaman College of Engineering, Hyderabad. Join the session tomorrow at 10.30 am and learn the masterstrokes from the expert to crack competitive exams like GATE and IES.

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