“Dark Side of Positive Vibes”- In Conversation with Liza Hazarika

Think Positive, Act Positive and Be Positive has always been the mantra towards mindfulness. Have we ever wondered if there could be a limit to the amount of positivity one can afford? Remain optimistic, but pay attention when you are deluged with toxic positivity. It can turn counterproductive as all other human feelings are swept under the rug. Let all emotions gush through you to awake the real human within.

Ms Liza Hazarika, Student Counsellor, SRM University-AP is organising an exciting and informative session, Dark Side of Positive Vibes to throw light into the different shades of positivity. Learning to look at the brighter side of things is important; it is equally important to not ignore other inevitable impulses that shape up in your mind. Every emotion is meant to be experienced and prevailed over. It is a mixture of anger, fear, pain, envy, and disgust that makes you the real you.

Date: February 19, 2022

Time: 6.30 pm IST

Stay tuned for an illuminating session to enlighten yourselves on the ramifications associated with toxic positivity. Sometimes you can go beyond staying positive to fight your inner demons.

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