Cost-effective high-end research instrumentation and materials in India

The Department of Chemistry is organising the second episode of the Department Lecture Series on August 28, 2021, at 03.00 pm. Dr Rajendra Joshi, Chairman of RI Group, will deliver a lecture on the topic “Cost-effective high-end research instrumentation and materials in India”.

Indigenous development of upper end scientific analytical instruments in India has always been a big challenge. RI Instruments & Innovation India has proved that with cohesive teamwork, this is very much possible. The group has designed Raman Spectrometer, RIUS (Universal Spectroscopy), RIMS (Modular spectroscopic work station) XRD, TEM (Under Trial), Class AAA Solar simulator, the world’s smallest USB microscope and a few more.

About the speaker:

Dr Rajendra Joshi is the recipient of the National Innovation Award for the year 2019 by the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizer, Govt. of India for the innovation of Graphene Oxide / Li based rechargeable batteries with replaceable electrodes. As an Instrumentation Professional and Material’s Physicist, he started his career at National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi in the year 1997 – 1998. He has certification in Quality Control/R&D Professional training from Japan, Germany, France, Italy and UK. Cost-effective solar simulator, Indian designed drone for societal applications, Graphene Oxide-based rechargeable battery with replaceable electrodes etc are some of his major achievements.

To know more about the cost-effective high-end research instrumentation and materials in India, join this webinar on August 28, 2021, at 03.00 pm.

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