Essential coping skills for students

Many young people find it strenuous to deal with unexpected events in their lives. It is vital to be kind to your mental health. Coping skills help an individual to face and overcome stressful circumstances. To educate students on Coping Skills, the Department of Students’ Affairs is initiating a virtual talk on July 03, 2021, at 3.00 pm with Ms Aayushi Sharma, the Student Counsellor of our university.

Young people, when they face difficulties in their careers, can become easily stressed. In simple terms, coping skills are the ability one needs to handle any situation in life with intelligence and resilience. The coping mechanisms and the capacity to deal with problems vary among individuals. Everyone experiences ups and downs in life, no matter what they are. Some face situations with courage, and others succumb to dangerous steps. Thus, coping skills are essential to deal with this tough, competitive world.

SRM University-AP takes care of the complete development of students which includes their emotional well-being. Therefore, all students are invited to attend the interactive session on July 03, 2021, at 3.00 pm to learn healthy practices for life.

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