Celebration of Our Linguistic and Cultural Diversity

Linguistic and Cultural heritage plays an integral role in the way you define yourself and the world around you. You may learn hundreds of languages, experience myriads of cultures, yet the influence of your motherland and mother language will forever reflect in every aspect of your life. Being in a multicultural world, it is of vital importance to preserve all tangible and intangible elements of your heritage. Matribhasha Diwas or International Mother Language Day celebrated on February 21 is a well-thought-out initiative of UNESCO to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity across the globe.

The Department of Student Affairs is organising a webinar and quiz competition on ‘Linguistic Diversity and Diverse Culture’ with Dr Supriya Daniel, Assistant Professor, Department of English, SRM-AP. This is an exciting opportunity for students to learn more about the essentiality of their linguistic and cultural legacy.

Date: February 21, 2022

Time: 6.00 PM IST

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enlighten yourselves about the worth and glory of your heritage. Join the celebration.

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