“A sound mind is in a sound body”

“Yoga & Meditation Training Programme” at SRM University-AP

A famous Arabian Proverb says, “He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything.” Comprising with that, the National Service Scheme Cell of SRM University-AP has taken a holistic initiative towards its students, staff and faculty by organising an eight-week “Yoga & Meditation Training Programme” in collaboration with the Heartfulness Institute, Hyderabad. The inaugural session was graced by the presence of Prof. D. Narayana Rao, Pro-Vice Chancellor; Dr. D. Gunasekaran, Registrar; Dr. A. Lakshmana Rao, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce and NSS Coordinator; Dr. Venkata N Nori, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering and in house yoga trainer for boys; Dr. Ajitha, Instructor, Department of Business Administration and in house trainer of yoga for girls. Sri N. L. V. Pandu Ranga Prasad, social worker and an associate of Shri Ram Chandra Mission, has honoured the university with his presence as a Chief Guest in this event.

Eminent Dignitaries at the Inaugural Ceremony
Pro-VC Honouring the Chief Guest

In his opening statement, Prof. D. Narayana Rao stated the benefits of yoga in a scientific way. He mentioned that it had been already proven by various research studies that regular practice of yoga and meditation enhances levels of a particular messenger molecule in brain which in result enhances brain activity. The enhanced brain activity makes a powerful impact on one’s personality development. It can be maintained very easily with one session of yoga per week.

In his spirited speech, Sri Prasad stated various usefulness of yoga and meditation in everyone’s life. He said, “Yoga helps one in self-realisation. It takes away the negativity and fills with positive energy. This helps people to concentrate on their life and goals.” He also spoke on how famous personalities like Ram Nath Kobind, P V Sindhu, Rohit Sharma were benefitted by yoga and meditation. He further said that it is an essential tool for every person which helps in regulating one’s mind, thoughts and behaviour. Yoga and meditation help in becoming a good citizen for the nation and for personal developments also.

Mr. Prasad Speaking on the Importance of the Meditation
Registrar Addressing the Audience

Dr. Gunasekaran reminded that yoga is a great gift from our forefathers. He said, “Yoga was initiated in our country, yet we have neglected it for years. A man is made of many values and virtues, but he is not always aware of it. Meditation is the medium which helps one to identify oneself.” The Inaugural Ceremony ended with a brief meditation session led by Dr. Nori followed by the vote of thanks.

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