Date: 13th April, 2018
Next Tech Lab AP is organising Raspberry Pi Jam. “Raspberry Jams are community events for people to come together to learn about digital making with Raspberry Pi. Jam events come in all shapes and sizes: workshops for beginners, drop-in sessions to work on your own projects, show-and-tell, talks, and more. A Jam is a meeting of all kinds of people: some will be new to physical computing, and some will have plenty of experience that they are happy to share. Jams are welcoming events where you’ll meet and learn from like-minded people in a friendly environment”. The event is open to all – faculty as well.

Dr. Anthony St. George, assistant Dean at university of California Berkeley had addressed the students regarding Student Abroad Program, at UCB. He discussed about the life, curriculum and also the selection criteria for the SAP. Students would be given an opportunity to spend a semester at Berkeley Engineering, along with boot camps and faculty support to better understand global entrepreneurship. He had also interacted and cleared the queries of the students towards the end of the talk.


Professor Nicholas Dirks of university of California, Berkeley had talked about multidisciplinary education and research. He shared his experience and views as to the kind of miraculous wonders this kind of approach can lead to. The kind of wonders, which solve the world’s problems. Wonders which we should aspire to make. He interacted with students of SRM University, AP in this context and shared some of his thoughts.


Tech Fest – 2018

The first Tech Fest of SRM University – AP, Amaravati was inaugurated on 28th March 2018 by Dr. V.K Saraswat (Member – NITI Aayog), Dr. M. Nageswara Rao (Associated Director – ISRO Satellite Center), Dr. P. Sathyanarayanan (President – SRM University), Dr. D. Narayana Rao (Pro VC – SRM University – AP, Amaravati) and Dr. D. Gunasekaran (Registrar – SRM University – AP, Amaravati).



  • October 18th: Guest lecture by Prof. Satheesh Krishnamurthy, Open University, UK on "Solar fuel to address water challenge". 4.15 pm to 5.15 pm. Tiered classroom, level 5.

  • October 23rd : Guest lecture by Dr. Raghava Murthy, Formerly Director, Earth Observations Systems, ISRO on "Small Satellites and Applications".2.30 to 5.00 pm. Tiered classroom, Level 5, Admin block.