The new School of Liberal Arts and Basic Sciences (SLABS) at SRM University, Amravati, AP, launched a 4-day pedagogy workshop (May 7th-10th) on best teaching practices followed in similar programs at Columbia University, NY and the University of California, Berkeley. The workshop was led by Professor Janaki Bakhle at UC. Berkeley, Professor Valentine Daniel at Columbia University, and Mr. Nalin Bakhle from Toronto.  Professor Ani Adhikari will end the 4-day workshop with a webinar on “Big Data and Data Sciences”.

Guntur MP Jayadev Galla exhorted the youth to figure out what they plan to do at least in the next two decades to position themselves accordingly now itself and to be prepared to enter the real world from the comfort of their homes where their parents would not be around to take care of them.


Mr. Khoo Teng Chye – Executive Director, Centre for Liveable Cities and Adjunct Professor at NTU, Singapore visited the SRM University Amaravati Campus on 11th April 2018 along with the Delegates & Media Persons for an interaction with the Senior Official, Faculty & Staff Members and Students.


Date: 13th April, 2018
Next Tech Lab AP is organising Raspberry Pi Jam. “Raspberry Jams are community events for people to come together to learn about digital making with Raspberry Pi. Jam events come in all shapes and sizes: workshops for beginners, drop-in sessions to work on your own projects, show-and-tell, talks, and more. A Jam is a meeting of all kinds of people: some will be new to physical computing, and some will have plenty of experience that they are happy to share. Jams are welcoming events where you’ll meet and learn from like-minded people in a friendly environment”. The event is open to all – faculty as well.


  • 26th August 2019: Education USA: United States-India Educational Foundation presents seminar on “Applying to Graduate (Masters and PhD) Engineering schools in the United States." for 2nd and 3rd year students. A U.S. State Department initiative. 4:15pm. Tiered classroom, Level 5
  • 28th August 2019: Freshers Welcome. From different home towns, the new batch of students unite at SRM AP. Let’s celebrate the beginning of their journey. 1.30pm to 6.30pm.