The Entrepreneurship Cell of SRM University AP, is a place for all those who think differently and who avoid taking beaten paths and believe in leaving trails in all walks of life. The E-Cell at SRM AP aims at manifesting the latent Entrepreneurial spirit of young students.

At SRM E-Cell, not only we work on your capacities to make you worthy of opportunities but we also help you to walk through it by providing resources such as seed, funding mentoring, networking with other entrepreneurs frequent interactive sessions and competitions.

The best part of the E-Cell is that, we go beyond and campus and create impact, as we are guided by the philosophy that, growth and development can be possible collectively as a society and not in personal silos or campus silos. Therefore, we go out to the society and other campuses and help other Entrepreneurship Cells and communities with the required knowledge transfer and support, to create the synergistic effect.

Students are the greatest natural resource, and the E-Cell intends to nurture them and provide them with opportunities for excellence. It intends to pierce the corporate veil, to let the budding entrepreneurs get a feel of how the corporate and the social world works.

The Mission

We are in a mission to inspire the student entrepreneurs to unleash the seed of passion and dream which is already within us. Our mission is to bring the SRM Group as a benchmark for the rest of the country for nurturing and inspiring student entrepreneurs.

Structure and Functioning of the E-Cell

The structure and functionality of the SRM E-Cell is a replica of any profit-making corporate company, with specific functional division and action groups with delegation of authority and division of work. There will be set targets and rewards associated with it.

The E-Cell will not only engage the student community inside the campus but will also actively engage the society at the near vicinity, along with Govt. and other institutions.

Each team will be trained, certified and will be assigned some specific goals which are evaluated and reviewed regularly. The prime focus is to develop the leadership skills of the student who can eventually function independently.

Weekly goal setting reviews will be followed by a monthly team review meeting.

Different Student Community Initiatives

To support the E-Cell, there will be a number of supporting ‘Action Groups’ or student communities which will help to create the synergy and impact needed to fuel the SRM E-Cell as well as the SRM TBI. The different initiatives are as under.

Socio-Impacto is all about impacting the society in a constructive and a meaningful manner. Metaphorically this society is like our bodies. If one part of this body is ignored or does not function well, the entire body suffers. A healthy society is a society where every social and economic unit functions well and the potential is optimally utilized. We enable the less developed sections of the society with education, training and connecting them to the mainstream, and hence the tagline is - A mission to empower sustenance.

The vision of Socio Impacto is to create sustainable growth, through connecting the various dots in the society which starts from the communities below the poverty-line, the training initiatives by private and govt. bodies, the corporation and the last dot is the global market access. The vision is big, the work is challenging, yet the reward is life-changing and much meaningful which is worth working for a lifetime.

Speaker Tribe is a community of speakers and leaders, impacting the world with the power of communication. Speaker Tribe empower students not only to speak confidently but also to understand and learn the science and the art of communication, by providing the basic tools, expert mentors and mentorship, and a platform to unleash the innate potential in every student and every human being. Other platforms at the Speaker Tribe are Ek-Kahani and Talkspiration.

Our plan is to open local, national and international chapters of the Speaker-Tribe community which will become an epitome and source for inspiration, confidence and network with the best communicators across the world.

Inventors' Village is a community which encourages students to come up with workable solutions for any challenges or problem around the society. In a way it is like a MakerSpace, which is a university community centers established within a university campus. Combine that with hardware & software resources, community, and education for the purposes of enabling community members to design, prototype and create products that would not be possible to create with the resources available to individuals working alone.

They are a fairly new phenomenon but are beginning to produce outcomes with significant impacts. This community is all about inspiring students to innovate and explore.

Unleash Mind is a program which unlock the mind's untapped (hidden) potential, through some of the ancient and proven scientific techniques and which is highly helpful for students and professionals in their career and life.

Albert Einstein once said, “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them". This is the simplest indication of the various levels and frequencies of our mind. In our own life we all must have experienced that when we need a solution, we start thinking. When we start thinking we go deep into some other levels of mind. Sometimes 'that' state of mind is like a dream, bliss, or a peaceful state, where we also experience calmness, creativity, and a flow of thoughts.

Everything begins with some simple understanding of the fundamentals of life and some laws of this universe. The Unleash-Mind community will explore, understand, and apply the knowledge for excellence at all the aspects of life.

Industry Owl is a community of students which facilitates collaboration with all the stake holders of the startup ecosystem (Corporate, Govt., Institutions, Startups and Individuals) and also create a strong brand visibility for the SRM Ecell and SRM TBI through a series of innovative marketing initiatives, social media management, creative blogs and so on.

This community is also a platform for students to explore the corporate and the industry and equip themselves with the required knowledge, training and understanding to bridge the gap between the corporate and the academia.

Intelligence, knowledge or wisdom is directly proportional to the exposure of a student to the outer world through exploration (participation, competition etc.) and practical application of the theory that is being taught.

The objective of the ‘Achiever Square’ community is to facilitate participation of SRM students for external events conducted by various organizations, government or agencies, facilitate internal training and mentoring needed to make them ‘competition ready’.

The vision is to be a single point of contact in the university, where each student aspiring with a dream to excel and grow beyond the 4 walls can come with the trust that, she/ he will be equipped enough with the necessary tools to take the brave plunge.

The E-Cell will execute a structured program into innovation and entrepreneurship which will be supported by a host lot of activities, events, mentorship, industry interactions, hardware and software support etc.


SRM TBI can provide a conducive atmosphere where small businesses can grow and prosper especially in a socially backward place.

In this context, the large infrastructure facilities in R&D is established at the university to support and motivate the young researchers, who can promote the commercial research culture through the strong venture of the Institute – Industry Tag for Make-in-India. In addition, SRM TBI could provide the appropriate infrastructure for computer technology, telecommunications and several other domains as well as training to these potential Start-ups.

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