Faculties Publish an Insightful Article on Political Manifestos and Labor Class

In a thought-provoking article titled “Political Manifestos Ignore the Labor Class,” Dr Aurolipsa Das and Dr Srujana Boddu, Assistant Professors from the Department of Economics, shed light on a critical issue that often goes unnoticed during election seasons. Their research delves into the disconnect between political promises and the ground realities faced by the labour class.

They critically examine the shortcomings of political manifestos, highlighting how they often overlook the interests and needs of the labour class. As India heads into another election cycle, Dr Aurolipsa Das and Dr. Srujana’s article serves as a wake-up call for policymakers. To bridge the gap between political promises and ground-level impact, evidence-based policies that prioritise the labor class are essential. It is time for political parties to move beyond rhetoric and take concrete steps toward meaningful progress.

Read the full article by clicking on this link to gain deeper insights into this crucial topic.

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