73rd Outreach Programme of IIRS-ISRO on “Overview of Geo-processing using Python”

Students of SRM University AP, Andhra Pradesh get the opportunity to attend the 73rd outreach programme titled “Overview of Geo-processing using Python” arranged by Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS) -Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). In the modern era, satellite imagery fused with the power of Geographic Information System enhances environmental management system by providing solutions pertaining to issues such as disasters, global climate change, natural resources, wildlife, and land cover. Effectively processing the massive data to decipher useful information is considered the most challenging aspect of geospatial technology. This programme encompassing a session from January 18, 2021 till January 29, 2021 will enable the participants to use Python to visualize geospatial data and derive the desired knowledge, mitigating the aforementioned challenge. Students of SRM AP are encouraged to attend this programme to broaden the prospect of achieving their career aspirations.

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