From Bangladesh to India

Student testimonial

SRM-AP is like a home away from home to me. There is never a dull moment on this campus. Students are always engaged in studies or extracurricular activities. I am happy that I travelled to a new country, learned a new culture and made a lot of new friends here. The activities of clubs and societies made my campus life more vibrant.

-Mahjabeen Tamanna
Mechanical Engineering

Semester Abroad Programme at UC Davis

Semester Abroad Programme

Semester Abroad Programme at UC Davis changed my outlook on life. I got the opportunity to cooperate with industrial designers. For practical hands-on experiences, I worked for the UC Davis school of nursing. Besides, UC Davis promotes a variety of student clubs and technical programmes that bring students from all over the world together. The concrete understanding of the subject aided me greatly in learning about real-world problems, and accomplishing this dream of studying a semester abroad.

– Barukula Snehitha Naga Sai
Computer Science Engineering

Flying high beyond borders


It has been a really good experience being at SRM University-AP. This is a place where dreams transform into reality. I really appreciate the curriculum structure at SRM University-AP that offers us practical knowledge rather than forcing us to memorise theories.

-Sohail Basha Shaik
Computer Science Engineering