Sourav Sanyal of B.Sc CSE talks his desire to build an Emotion Tracker

Sourav Sanyal from Bangalore who is a B.Sc Computer Science student from the  2018-2022 batch began his journey at the University early in the year of 2018. He was motivated to take up the Computer Science course since he felt this field would provide him the opportunity to give form to his imagination.

Sourav wants to innovate a consumer-centric product in future.

At SRM University- AP, Amaravati, Sourav has had the opportunity to indulge in his many extra-curricular interest areas while also enriching himself through his academic courses. He counts campus life as one of the most memorable experiences of his life so far largely because of all the opportunities that abound for personal growth.

Apart from his core major in computer science, Sourav is thrilled about the opportunities to explore other subjects closer to the liberal arts. In particular he has taken up courses in Environmental Science and Communicative English. He feels that the unique opportunity to take up subjects apparently unrelated to the chosen major helps to broaden the mind and pick up valuable skills outside of the chosen domain, which can help both job seekers as well as budding entrepreneurs. These are unique opportunities that he feels are offered only in some of the better universities abroad and is quite rare in India.

Sourav is keen on entrepreneurship and his time at the University has also given him the chance to further his entrepreneurial interests. The Ennovab student community at the University helps him to discuss his ideas with peers and experts, and practice pitches, which helps to clarify and communicate ideas better. Sourav is passionate about his entrepreneurial idea around ‘Emotion Tracking’, which he feels can help product companies to better understand customer emotions by quantifying emotions, which has not been possible till now. He does hope that his time here at SRM University- AP, Amaravati will help him hone his idea into a better shape by the time he graduates.

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