Skills To Ace In The Post Covid World

Fear of the Unknown is the greatest fear of all, they say. It’s that fear that we have almost universally dealt within this year of uncertainty. The word “new normal” has been coined and is talked about by experts in great detail. But what does it truly entail? How do professionals of today and tomorrow navigate their way through the new normal on their way to success? It’s time to upskill, but what are the skills that will be in demand in the post-Covid world?

The new world might be mired in uncertainty, but one thing is certain – that workspaces will see a transformation in times to come. If you want to make your mark in the changing professional scenario then here are skills you should possess:

  • Adaptable professionals for the flexible work environment: Work from home has already become a norm for companies big and small. Workspaces will keep evolving rapidly in times to come. As a professional, you need to keep pace with the changes or be left behind.

  • Get what it “techs”: Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Robotics, IoT had already made their presence felt before the pandemic. They will make businesses more resilient in the post-CoVid world. Being equipped with skills in the latest technologies is the surest way to futureproof your careers.

  • Data with destiny: Data has become the most valuable asset for organizations. But as Bernard Merr writes in Forbes, “Data is useless to a company unless there is data literacy – people equipped with skills to understand the data and make better decisions because of it.” Data literacy skills will score high on companies’ priority list.

  • Innovators have a way in: In spite of the difficulties this year, some businesses have thrived. It’s largely because of the creativity they have shown in catering to their audience through innovative strategies. In the future too, organizations will be focused on professionals who can think and function creatively.

  • Critical thinking will be critical: With great amounts of data, comes great responsibility to analyze it discerningly. The rise of fake news, misinformation has been a menace in the recent past. The industry will be looking for critical thinking professionals, who can scrutinize information for objective decision making.

  • Leaders are forever: Technological disruptions with the changing nature of the workplace have meant that teams and teamwork have become more fluid. It will take strong and capable leaders with high EQ to bring out the best in their teams. Leaders who can encourage and enable seamless collaborations will be highly sought after.

Research and innovation-driven Universities like SRM University – AP, Andhra Pradesh have already incorporated platforms and initiatives in their curriculum to equip students with these skills. “We, at SRMAP, believe that the Universities and educational institutions need to trigger the thought process and inquisitiveness to go beyond the classrooms and textbooks,” says Prof. D. Narayana Rao, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University. And it’s this inquisitiveness and thinking out of the box that will make all the difference in the post-CoVid world.

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      Thank you so much. Stay tuned for more updates.

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