Message from HOD’s Desk


The Paari School of Business catalyses innovation in education by weaving together courses in Management, Entrepreneurship and Research. Graduate and Post-graduate students from Paari School of Business, SRM AP, are imparted with theoretical and practical knowledge which enables them to succeed and have an edge in the competitive world. The students here experience an unparalleled education journey, which prepares them to be a global business leader. Apart from academic learnings, the students get an opportunity to participate in various activities and events all throughout the academic year, which contributes to their holistic development. All the students undergo a summer internship programme, which gives them a chance to explore and experience the corporate work life.

The Paari School of Business, SRM AP, provides great prospects to the students and accelerates the career path which he or she wishes to pursue, after graduation. The budding entrepreneurs can develop their ideas under the guidance of Entrepreneurship cell. They are trained to identify and analyse the problem, find alternate solutions, and generate business ideas. Entrepreneurship cell supports the entire process from idea generation to implementation. For a student who wishes to pursue higher studies, the International Relations cell provides them with the right direction and assistance. Apart from this, the students also get an option to apply for a Semester Abroad Programme, International Immersion programmes and other similar initiatives, with top universities across the globe. Corporate Relations and Placement cell teaches the students strategies and framework for personal growth, goal setting and self-improvement and facilitates placement by providing exciting job and internships opportunities.

I welcome you to be a part of this journey at SRM AP, Paari School of Business.

All the best to you.

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