Five Things To Consider When Choosing a B School In The New Normal

Picking the right B School to pursue your management aspirations can be a daunting decision at the best of times. It has assumed greater significance in the unprecedented times that have followed the Covid-19 pandemic. Its shadow loomed over most industry sectors and led to many professionals taking stock of their career prospects. They have joined ranks with freshers in large numbers as management aspirants keen on shaping their futures in the new world.

In the past, post the global economic recession over a decade ago there was a surge in the numbers of B School students. History repeated itself last year as the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) survey revealed. Aspirants all over the world are trying to gain new skills, upskill, get industry exposure, stay abreast with the latest in management, and propel their careers in the right direction.

Experts assert that in times like these, you simply cannot settle for another run of the mill MBA programme. It’s crucial to identify B Schools that are keeping up with the f times and are ready for the new normal, which is also the future.

  • If there was one aspect that managed to “tech” us through the perils of the past year; it was technology. Top B Schools have embraced it with gusto and are giving their students a competitive advantage. Zoom platforms, webinars along with a focus on new technologies like Blockchain, AI and Machine Learning are the way ahead.
  • However, just having online learning platforms isn’t enough. B Schools need to leverage them to spark discussions and debates that students will benefit from. As an aspirant you need to focus on whether the B School has managed to transfer its pedagogies like case studies, role-play sessions etc. to online platforms.
  • While there have been roadblocks, the new world is also filled with exciting opportunities. The online nature of learning has encouraged B Schools to create a wider scope of experiences for students. That’s where international relationships of B Schools come into play allowing you to learn from renowned global names.
  • B Schools that realize the importance of personalized learning experiences will be able to shape future leaders, who understand their strengths to the T. As a student you should have access to customized learning experiences not only in the classroom but also through peer groups and projects that bring out the best in you.
  • Online or blended learning is here to stay in some form or another, but that doesn’t mean your overall campus experience has to be compromised. As you step into the new normal choose B Schools that facilitate equal and exciting opportunities for extracurricular activities on both, online and offline platforms.

The new normal might be unchartered territory in many ways but by no means it’s an uncertain, unsteady ground. By staying flexible and adaptable to the changes you can explore its true potential with help from B Schools that are leading the way.

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