Careers In Computer Engineering

Careers In Computer Engineering: Everything you want to know

As the world we live in gets more technology driven, and Artificial Intelligence holds sway on our future, Careers In Computer Engineering remain firmly in the spotlight. Professionals with excellent coding skills and the ability to offer solutions through computer programming will be in greater demand, not only in India but all over the world. Experts predict a spurt in Computer Science Engineering Jobs, which is good news for future aspirants.

What are the Computer Science Engineering Jobs you can expect?

When you invest at least four years of your life earning a qualification, it’s only natural to want to know the returns you get at the end of it. Here is a List Of Computer Engineering Jobs you can expect after you complete your program.

  • Software Developers are responsible for creating software for apps and the latest tech devices. You will be handling the coding and testing of the software.
  • One of the popular Types Of Jobs For Computer Engineers is that of a computer programmer. You will need to learn the latest languages for coding as a programmer.
  • Hardware engineers are in demand because they take care of the crucial physical components of computer systems. They include circuits, microchips, servers etc.
  • Computer Network Architects handle the vital role of managing seamless data sharing and communications within teams and employees of an organization.
  • Small to large scale organizations have dedicated teams of Information Security Analysts that protect their valuable systems and data from cyber-attacks and other such concerns.
  • With bulk of consumer base, traffic, leads and sales being generated online, Web Developers with skills to create eye-catching websites will remain much sought after.
  • Database Administrators are much in demand as they use specialized software to store and organize data, which as they say, is more valuable than oil, in today’s world.
  • Computer Systems Analysts are vital to any organizations’ computer systems. They offer information systems solutions that are crucial to their companies.
  • Systems Designer is another important role in companies big and small. You will be responsible for analysis and design of information systems for smooth operations.
  • Your Computer Science background can open the gateway to a long and fruitful career as an academic. You could also be a researcher changing the course of the future.

These are just some of the job profiles that new graduates in the field can begin their careers with. Some of top employers for graduates include Amazon, Deloitte, Infosys, Cognizant, HCL, TCS, IBM, HP Inc, CGI and more. Diverse industry sectors can offer launch pads for successful Careers In Computer Engineering.

  • From International giants like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, to small scale local players, computer engineers can work with Tech companies.
  • Telecommunications industry is packed with career opportunities for computer engineers. In fact, some of the Highest Paying Jobs in Computer Science Field are seen here.
  • Some of the new age and exciting career opportunities are available with companies that specialize in cybersecurity and robotics.
  • Manufacturing and product development companies not only offer interesting job profiles but excellent opportunities to grow as well.

What are the career scopes for computer engineers?

With digital disruptions getting stronger in practically every walk of our lives, there is always going to be a demand for computer engineers. So you can be certain of job security in the field. You can build on your graduation degree in computer engineering with Masters or latest specializations, and give yourself the cutting edge advantage. Your higher studies options include M. Tech or M.S from top institutions like IITs, M.S from foreign universities, PG programmes at International institutions as well as MBA, which builds on your existing skills set and qualifications. If you are interested in research, you can gain work experience after graduation and apply for direct PhDs. These credentials will prepare you for long term career satisfaction as well as growth. Technology is all about innovation, and there is no stopping for computer science professionals who keep reinventing themselves.

What is Computer Engineering Salary In India?

Careers In Computer Engineering are challenging, demanding but immensely gratifying and rewarding too. Computer Science Jobs Salary is a good marker of what a lucrative career choice it can be. According to reports, computer hardware engineers armed with Bachelor’s degrees can start with a Rs. 3 LPA package, which can rise up to Rs. 10 LPA and above after few years of experience. Software engineers can begin their careers with Rs. 3.6 LPA on an average and make around Rs. 12 LPA after 5-10 years, depending on their performance.

Computer Engineering graduates can also make their careers in International arena. The Silicon Valley has been a hub for Indian engineers who draw massive salaries working with  renowned firms. The US, UK, Germany, France and Canada are some of the top destinations for Computer Engineers from India.

Computer engineering careers hold a lot of promise for current aspirants and future generations of India.

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