Being a part of young campus of SRM AP

Since its inception in 2017, SRM University, AP has raced towards its vision of becoming a world-class university that is globally connected, nationally relevant and regionally transformative. The ambitious plan for the multi-stream research university was built on its state of the art infrastructure, new age curriculum, and a strong faculty team. At the heart of it all has been the sprawling, green campus designed by American architects, Perkins + Will.

But the campus of any learning institution is only its foundation. It needs to be harnessed and complemented by a holistic, dynamic learning experience that can give students the edge in their respective careers. Undoubtedly, it is hard for freshers walking onto the nascent campus to envision it for their future. “Not knowing what my journey was going to be like was the most challenging part for me,” confesses Alluri Harika, CSE, student of the first batch.

In three years’ time, she not only graduated with a specialization in Cyber Security but also got placed with Optum Global for a plum package of Rs. 11.59 LPA. “I wanted to experience diversity. I went through many stages of knowing about the faculty, university culture, curriculum, campus diversity. It showed their willingness to provide an efficient and global standard of teaching. I would say we grew together a lot in three years,” she adds.

Campus diversity of SRM University, AP is much talked about because it in itself is an enriching experience for students. Sri Harsha TR, who also specialized in Cyber Security vouches for the impact it had on his transformation as he says, “I had some amazing discussions and interactions with students from different streams on campus, in research labs. I also learned a lot while I was organizing festivals. It’s the diversity that I miss the most today.”

Today, he is realizing his professional dreams after converting his internship into placement with AbInBev for a handsome package of Rs. 12+ LPA. Students of the first batch of SRM University, AP unanimously agree that their initial scepticism faded quickly as the curriculum went from strength to strength. They also got the opportunities to explore a wide range of platforms to grow and showcase their talents.

Nilofer Sultana Mohammad, who specialized in Data Science and bagged a placement with Barclays Global Service Center reveals how campus activities groomed her personality and instilled a sense of independence in her. “Always being a part of organizing committees made me a multitasker, who could manage time efficiently. I also overcame my fear of public speaking and became more persistent,” she says brimming with confidence.

Her defining moment came when she attended a semester at the prestigious University of California, Berkeley. Nilofer admits that it changed her perspective about the world and her own life, and made her an independent woman. That seems to be the story for all students, who have been part of the young SRMAP campus. They have broadened their horizons, gained new perspectives, built a strong professional foundation, and transformed with their university.

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