Archery Ms Mallarapu Tanoogna, a third-year Civil Engineering student at SRM University – AP, has excelled at National Indoor Archery Championship-2021, winning three gold medals and finishing 8th in the National Open Ranking representing Andhra Pradesh. The Department of Student Affairs hosts The Newsmaker session with Ms Tanoogna on January 22, 2022, from 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm.

Ms Tanoogna has been training to participate in indoor and outdoor archery championships for a year. She won gold medals in the Senior Recurve women individual, women team and mixed team categories and is ranked 8th in the national archery rankings.

All are encouraged to join the session and get inspired by the champion!

Students distribute winter clothing among slum dwellersIn a major initiative by the students of SRM University-AP, sweaters were distributed among the poor kids living on the streets of Guntur. Under the initiative, students from the 2018 batch of Computer Science Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, and Management Studies visited slum areas on the roadside near Shri Hospital, Guntur and distributed clothing among 44 kids ranging from 3 to 16 years old.

“We know how the families whose sustenance depends on the street have suffered during the pandemic. I am sure these small acts will bring cheers to these families,” said Prof V S Rao– Vice-Chancellor of the university. Prof B V Babu– Dean, School of Engineering and Sciences- highlighted the wonderful gesture saying “I am really glad to see the sensitivities and sensibilities our students have in sharing and giving”. Ms Revathi Balakrishnan– Assistant Director, Student Affairs appreciated the efforts, selfless service and compassion of SRM AP students to the lesser privileged.

National Youth Day 2022

National Youth DayThe assertion of man’s divinity is at the heart of Vedanta. On the occasion of National Youth Day, a talk is being organised by the Department of Student Affairs at SRM University-AP. Dr Saurabh Todariya, Assistant Professor, School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences will highlight the aspects of practical Vedanta and its relevance for the contemporary world on January 12, 2022, at 11.00 am.

The Vedanta instructs human beings to believe in themselves in order to attain divinity. Its core message, in Swami Vivekananda’s words, is that “every soul has the potential to be divine.” The goal is to regulate both outward and interior nature in order to manifest this divinity within.

All are invited to join this insightful session.

International studies can enhance career opportunitiesStudying abroad enhances employment chances in a variety of ways, simply put, it expands your horizons by taking you out of your comfort zone. In the Higher Studies Series “How international study can enhance career opportunities”, organised by the Office of International Relations and Higher Studies, Ms Deepti Jandial, Consultant and Behavioral Skills Facilitator, will present fresh and intriguing career opportunities of studying abroad. Interested participants can join this informative session on January 19, 2022, at 11.00 am.

Employers seek out people who have studied abroad because they realise they have something to give that others do not – the desire to complete higher education, the courage to attempt new things, and the confidence to do so. The lecture will be a comprehensive guide to why you should consider studying abroad and how you should.

Speaker’s Profile:

Ms Deepti Jandial

Consultant, Behavioral Skills Facilitator, Executive Life Coach & Psychometric Assessor.
Academic Background:-
Masters in Business Administration Masters in Commerce
Diploma in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations
Certified International Baccalaureate Faculty from Singapore in Business and Management
Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner
Certified Practitioner for PRISM Brain Mapping
Certified Executive Coach from Results Coaching Systems – Neuro Leadership Group – USA Certified Assessor for Emotional Intelligence ( EI 2.0 )

Tune in to this interesting, new, and exciting session on January 19, 2022, at 11.00 am.

Paper at IACC-2021 hosted by University of MaltaBeing a researcher demands commitment, sustained effort, and a high level of inspiration. Ms Lakshmi Bhargavi from 3rd-year Computer Science Engineering has presented a paper titled “Application of distributed back propagation neural network for dynamic real-time bidding” at the 11th International Advanced Computing Conference (IACC-2021), hosted by the University of Malta, Europe. It is a reputed conference indexed in Scopus and DBLP, having H-index 25.

The research is based on the backend of ad placement on websites which involves finances. The process involves finding the best deal between the dealer and the supplier. In the present system, the bid is prefixed, thereby reducing the possibility of optimal budget utilisation. In comparison, Ms Lakshmi’s research uses an ML algorithm, which is dynamic and learns from the previous bids. This research has resulted in 15% lower costs for the suppliers, thereby saving a lot of money and resulting in a better system.

Abstract — Programmatic buying, popularly known as real-time bidding (RTB), is a key ascendancy in online advertising. While data has become essential for targeting and ad performance, data businesses have become difficult to differentiate due to their proliferation, as well as limitations of attribution. This provides an opportunity for Big Data practitioners to leverage this data and use machine learning to improve efficiency and make more profits. In such an opportunity, the research came up with an application of a machine learning algorithm, distributed back propagation neural network, d-bpnn, to predict bid prices in a real-time bidding system. This paper depicts how d-bpnn is used to achieve less eCPM for advertisers while preserving win rate and budget utilisation.

The 11th International Advanced Computing Conference (IACC-2021) was hosted by the University of Malta, Europe, with an H-index of 25. The conference is indexed in Scopus and DBLP and in collaboration with Springer. A few selected papers will be published in SCOPUS/SCI Indexed journals. The presentation was held on 19th December 2021. It was an ideal platform for people to share views and experiences in Futuristic Research Techniques.

Let’s hear from Ms Lakshmi:

My university has been with me in every step taken towards this conference. I would like to thank the mentoring of Dr Priyanka Singh throughout the writing and presentation of the paper. The immense support of SRM AP management, my professors, HOD, Pro VC sir and VC sir made me reach the level to write a paper confidently and show my knowledge to the world.
I feel honoured to present a good paper at a global conference. The experience and connections I made through this conference are priceless. It gave me new insights into several other technical domains. I believe I gave my best at the unique opportunity given to me and hopefully will continue to deliver good work in future too.

Speakers from across the globe are invited for the International Lecture Series organised by the Office of International Relations and Higher Studies, SRM University-AP. The latest session of the series aims to provide insight into how new technological developments are changing the face of society. Mr Werner Fischer, Sustainable Development Consultant, will engage the participants on the topic “Innovation for Sustainable Smart Solutions” on January 10, 2022, at 11.30 am.

The lecture aims to provide a multidisciplinary approach to environmental studies, urban planning, and development. Focus on inventive technical developments is essential for the establishment of sustainable green societies. Such conversations with experts intend to challenge academic norms, examine established knowledge-power relationships, and shine a light on issues of equality, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Speaker’s Profile:

Mr Werner Fischer, Sustainable Development Consultant
Co-Author of “How to Create Smart Villages” book
Advisor at
Advisor at UC Berkeley-led private-public sector, Rebuilding India Initiative.
Worked as a Director of research for the Smart Village Movement in India
BSc in Business Studies and Economics from the University of Konstanz
MSc in Technology Management (M.Sc.) from the Braunschweig University of Technology, Germany
Business Studies at University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business

All are invited to join the session on January 10, 2022, at 11.30 am.

On Saturday morning, students, faculty and administrative staff members at SRM University-AP welcomed the new year with colourful celebrations on campus. Vice-Chancellor Prof V S Rao cut the New year special cake and addressed the gathering. “We shall enter the new year with the hope that pandemic will be endemic in 2022”, he said. He also suggested that everyone take steps in a planned manner to receive the success they hope for in the new year.

Dr R Premkumar, the Registrar, expressed hope that the university would move towards higher standards under the supervision of Professor B V Babu, Dean of the School of Engineering and Sciences. The organisers and participants of the event and various game activities adhered strictly to the Covid-19 protocol. Prizes were given away to the winners of various competitions.

The event was attended by Registrar-Dr R Premkumar, Dean-Prof B V Babu, Controller of Examinations- Dr Vinayak Kalluri, Directors-Mrs Suma N, Dr K Mohan, Wg Cmdr Venkataachalam Sekkappan, Prof Y Siva Sankar and others.


STEM-Research Society Best Paper Award“As an undergraduate student, I initially faced many difficulties selecting the area of interest, analysing and organising a paper, and academic writing skills. The continuous support from faculty at SRM university-AP helped me overcome these issues. This achievement would have been impossible without the support and efforts of my faculty mentors. My heartful gratitude to Dr Shubh Lakshmi madam and Dr Tousif Khan N sir for their kind support and encouragement in research work. I am grateful to start my research career under their guidance. Also, the management encourages and supports us every time in every possible way by providing scholarships.”
Pendem Manoj Sai

A paper titled “Exhaustive Search Approach to Place PV in Distribution Network for Power Loss Minimization” has been awarded STEM-Research Society Best Paper Award in the recently held conference, Soft Computing: Theories and Applications (SoCTA)-2021, at the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Kota on the dates December 17-19, 2021. The authors of the paper are- P Manoj Sai, M Dhana Sai Baji, Dr Shubh Lakshmi, and Dr Tousif Khan Nizami from the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, School of Engineering and Sciences, SRM University-AP, Andhra Pradesh, India. The paper is selected for publication in Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, Springer (Indexed in SCOPUS).

This paper proposes an exhaustive search approach to determine the best location and size of PV placement for power loss minimisation of radial distribution networks. In this approach, the network power loss is determined by placing PV in each location, one at a time, and the size of PV in the same location is varied between a set minimum and maximum limits. The combination of location and size of PV, which provide the minimum network power loss, can be the best location and size of PV for power loss minimisation of radial distribution networks. The forward-backwards sweep load flow algorithm with the PV model is used to determine the power loss for each combination of location and size of PV.

The paper was presented by Mr P Manoj Sai, a BTech EEE 4th year student from SRM University-AP, Andhra Pradesh. He is thrilled to receive the best paper award and extended his gratitude to Dr Tousif Khan N, the Head of the Department, and Dr Shubh Lakshmi, Assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, for their continuous guidance. Further, he extended his thanks to the management and Pro Vice-chancellor of SRM University-AP for providing financial support.

National Indoor Archery ChampionshipMallarapu Tanoogna, a third-year civil engineering student at SRM University-AP, has excelled at National Indoor Archery Championship-2021, winning three gold medals and finishing 8th in the National Open Ranking, representing Andhra Pradesh. The National Field Archery Development & Welfare Association in Salem, Tamilnadu, hosted the inaugural National Indoor Archery Championship-2021 on 25th and 26th December. Archery players from the South Indian states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra and Telangana participated in the competition.

Ms Tanoogna, representing Andhra Pradesh from SRM AP has been training to participate in indoor and outdoor archery championships for a year. She won gold medals in the Senior Recurve women individual, women team and mixed team categories and is ranked 8th in the national archery rankings.

“It is a pride moment that our student wins gold medals and opens national ranking,” said university Vice-Chancellor-Prof V S Rao, congratulating Ms Tanoogna. Registrar-Dr R Premkumar, Deans, and faculty members congratulated Ms Tanoogna and promised her all the support for attending more national and international championships in the future.

Murali EnduriSERB-DST projects aim to build up the best systems that would match the best global practices in the area of promotion and funding of basic research. Dr Murali Krishna Enduri, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science Engineering at SRM University-AP is yet another faculty member who has obtained a project with a total outlay of ₹18 lacs for a duration of three years. The project is sanctioned under the scheme of Teachers Associateship for Research Excellence (TARE) of SERB-DST, Government of India.

In the duality theory, the dual problem is the problem of checking the duality of a pair of monotone Boolean expressions in disjunctive normal form. Problem: DUAL Input: The complete DNF of two monotone Boolean functions, f and g. Output: If f is dual of g. Whether the problem DUAL admits a polynomial-time algorithm has been one of the challenging open problems in the field of Duality theory of Boolean function for the last 35 years. It is one of the few problems whose polynomial-time solvability is still unknown. So, this problem is important in complexity theory due to its unknown complexity status and it plays a central role in various applications arising in computational logic, data mining, reliability theory, artificial intelligence and game theory etc. The project goal is to solve the dual problem for an interesting class of Boolean functions. Improving the existing complexity results of the DUAL problem for a particular class of Boolean functions is a challenging task.

Few applications of the project are as follows:
Type error diagnosis: Type error diagnosis is the task of generating an explanation for some error. It requires finding all minimal unsatisfiable subsets of a given set of constraints (representing the error) which can be managed via solving the computational variant of Dual in its minimal transversal formulation.

Computational medicine: Optimal vaccination strategies are given a subset of initially infected individuals from a population of individuals and assumptions about disease transmission. The task of computing inclusion minimal vaccination strategies can be solved using the computational variant of Dual in its transversal hypergraph formulation.

The project will be carried out in collaboration with IIT Madras (Dr Jayalal Sarma, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, India.)