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It was a case of first impression being the lasting one for Vijayawada boy Hashmmath Shaik when he visited SRM University, AP campus. He left having made his decision to enroll for the B.Tech, CSE program. And though he hasn’t been able to return to the campus due to the pandemic last year, he believes his learning experience hasn’t been compromised. He journals his experiences of first year of college; from virtual orientation to Zoom classes and extracurricular activities.

“Choosing the graduation program and college is a big deal and I didn’t want to leave anything to chance. Hence I wanted to check things out myself and was completely blown away by the infrastructure at SRM University, AP. Coming from Vijayawada, this was a whole new world to me, but I knew that this is what my dream college would look like.

Unfortunately due to the pandemic last year, we haven’t been able to go back to campus. But my B.Tech CSE program began with a virtual orientation program that put all of us at ease. It was a well-rounded program with quizzes and games and motivational sessions. There were talks about mental health in times of the pandemic, which was very thoughtful.

While I have not been able to attend offline classes, I don’t think the learning experience has been compromised in any way. Zoom is a brilliant platform for student engagement. Teaching practices where students are asked to solve questions are also very helpful. We have had our exams in lab classes, which was good practical exposure for all of us.

I am very impressed by our faculty members, not only because they too had to adapt to online teaching but they have also done it brilliantly while focusing on students’ needs. We are given assignments on a regular basis to understand if we have grasped the topics. They are always accessible and pay special attention to topics so that we have complete clarity about them.

Besides academic learning, I am thrilled to see the preparations for cultural activities that are held online. As a first year student, I have missed those experiences that are crucial to college life. I can’t wait to get back to campus and participate in Basketball games, play guitar – these are my main interests. I also want to be a part of the theatre group and perform on stage.

I think hostel life is one of the coolest aspects of college years. I can’t wait to experience it with my batch mates who come from everywhere in India – UP, Odisha, and also African countries, Bangladesh. I haven’t seen all of them though we are connected on social media. I am confident that when we meet it will be like we have been friends forever. I am really looking forward to it.”


“Zoom is a brilliant platform for student engagement. Teaching practices where students are asked to solve questions are also very helpful. We have had our exams in lab classes, which was good practical exposure for all of us. I am very impressed by our faculty members, not only because they too had to adapt to online teaching but they have also done it brilliantly while focusing on students’ needs.” – Hashmmath Shaik, B.Tech CSE, Batch 2020-24.

Covid-19 pandemic put a dampener on the spirits of many college freshers who missed out on the campus experience. N Lakshmi Nagendra talks about it with a tinge of sadness but he knows that his college experience hasn’t been compromised. As he grows in both personal and professional walks of his life, he tells us why he feels he might have struggled with the transition at any place other than SRM University, AP.

“When I first visited SRM University, AP campus I had travelled a few hours from my hometown in Khammam, Telangana but it felt like I was transported to a completely new place. I was amazed by the state of the art infrastructure on the campus. I am glad I took the decision to enroll with the university because I have come a long way only in one year of the program.

Since I am very interested in the field, I opted for B. Tech Computer Science with Cyber Security. But as I was looking forward to being on the campus and starting this new chapter in my life, the Covid-19 pandemic had hit. It was definitely disappointing but we had to seek solace in the fact that we could be in the comforts of our homes.

I think at any other place we would have struggled with the transition, but SRM University, AP had left no stone unturned to ensure that we moved to online learning smoothly. We could see the efforts being made right from the virtual orientation program, which was filled with exciting activities. Unique events like Chess and other games made it a lot of fun for all of us.

The campus diversity is one of the reasons I chose the University, and so far I have come across students from many different states. Although we have met virtually, I have become friends with some of them. A friend from Pune knows more about coding than we do, so I learn from him. These interactions are truly enriching.

I can say that the classroom learning experience is of very high quality. I have learned so much from my faculty members, not only about the subjects but dealing with everyone in such a calm and composed manner. We are also connected through Whatsapp, and whenever we have any queries we know that we can reach out to them without any hesitation.

Some of the highlights for me are the group discussions where we learn from each other’s diverse perspective. I also love playing games and doing experiments in the lab. There are many fun events being conducted online, which keep us going. Of course, we wish that we could be back on campus, but we have time. And right now we are making the most of it.”

On June 14, 2021, at 4 pm the Department of ECE and EEE is hosting a webinar with the title “Why Join ECE or EEE Engineering at SRM, AP?” Experts discuss the perks associated with the BTech program, as well as the future opportunities at university. The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering offers an Undergraduate program of B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering with specializations of VLSI designs & Embedded Systems, Advanced Communication Systems, Image/Signal Processing using AI, whereas, the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering provides a B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with an opportunity to participate in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP), Summer Internships, Specialized courses through the Study Abroad program, Senior Thesis Project, and Industry CO-OP through the semester.

The leading branches with high-end career prospects are ECE and EEE Engineering. The departments established at SRM University, AP have well equipped labs and have ample resources for completing operations related to the subject matter. It works closely with the industry and prestigious foreign institutes. The faculty members of the departments are versatile in many diverse fields. They have good research potential and are committed teachers. The curriculum encourages students to work in research groups to undertake research projects, and outstanding students are often rewarded with seed money, patent support, research travel allowances, and benefits to complete the research. Students are sent to foreign universities under the Student Abroad program, where they spend a semester and come back with a rich experience. The program continually focuses on creating model students who can succeed in their chosen career path, contribute to their professional sector, and serve as role models for their community. Students will have a variety of job roles to play in the market/real world as electronic engineers and electrical engineers. Bidding adieu to the maiden B. Tech Batch, SRM University, AP is immensely proud to announce the successful placement of students with a total of 95 percent of students placed. Among the top placements, one student received a 29.5LPA package, and 71% of students received job offers in the dream and super dream categories. Apart from securing jobs in the government sector, they are employed by top manufacturing companies, Multinational Corporations (MNCs), and research-based or industrial corporations.


SRM University, AP, Andhra Pradesh, has established a distinct standard since its inception in 2017 and accepts outstanding students from across India and abroad. Concerning admissions for the academic year 2021-2022, the Department of Mechanical and Civil Engineering is hosting an online discussion titled “Why Join Mechanical or Civil Engineering at SRM University?” on June 15, 2021, at 4 pm to enlighten applicants about the benefits of joining the BTech program and how they can benefit from the university. The goal is to offer the course nuances and openings for a brilliant career. The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering, summer internships and exposure to research projects through the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP). The Department of Civil Engineering provides the B. Tech Degree in Civil Engineering with an opportunity to visit the fields as a part of practical and training for placements with top construction companies.

Mechanical and civil engineering are rising career openings which need strong subject mastery and practical skills. SRM University, AP is the leader in providing undergrad courses led by a 100% efficient team of faculty with research insight and global exposure. The challenging educational curriculum makes you stand out and reach the top career areas in the respective domain. SRM University, AP’s global academic standards aim to eliminate the repetitive educational framework and provide students with a high-quality education. The courses include lecture sessions and lab work in the profoundly specialized research laboratories inside the group, as it is the key job of an aspiring engineer. Students here work on innovative research projects, and outstanding students are frequently rewarded with seed money, patent support, convention travel allowances, and other perks. It collaborates with universities to send students on study abroad programs. Faculty collaborate with students on research projects and guide them in developing innovative inventions for the community. Students are very well prepared to effectively be placed in the top private and government sectors. The interdisciplinary research culture at SRM University, AP takes care of different issues found in society through inventive products and designs. More than 500 companies visited the campus, and 95 percent of B.Tech students were placed in top companies both in and out of India. The curriculum primarily focusses on the knowledge and skills that an engineer needs to possess.


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1. What is Twinning Program (2 + 2)?

Students who would complete their first two years of undergraduate coursework at SRM University – AP may apply to transfer to IIT in Chicago to complete their 3rd and 4th year, successful completion of which would get them Bachelor’s Degree from IIT Chicago.

2. What is the Eligibility Criteria?

Transfer applicants must be in good academic standing at the local college in order to be considered for admission to Illinois Tech. Students must also be in good financial standing at all previously attended colleges/universities.

3. What do I Study?

Undergraduates study in six of Illinois Tech’s eight academic divisions. Students are encouraged—and even required—to take courses from across the various programs to complete their degrees.

If you do not have a planned area of study before entering, you can choose an Undecided path among Armour College of Engineering, College of Science and Letters, or a General Undecided. Illinois Tech has 36 undergraduate majors complete list is at

4. When should I apply?

For most Illinois Tech undergraduate programs, students may apply for admission for either the Fall or Spring Semester. The Illinois Tech program liaison transmits candidate’s credentials and supporting letters to Office of Undergraduate Admission at Illinois Tech, by the admission deadlines for visiting / Transfer students: April 15 for August (Fall) admission or October 15 for January (Spring) admission.

5. Will I get any Scholarships?

The scholarship amount is based on the applicant’s academic credentials. Students with outstanding credentials may receive annual scholarship of USD$10,000 to USD $30,000 per year. The scholarship is renewable until completion of bachelor’s program, provided student is full-time enrolled in an Illinois Tech’s Bachelor’s program and in good academic standing. For additional information, visit

6. How much do I need to pay for one full academic year at IIT, Chicago without any scholarship?

Total cost of attendance is US $67,505 for the year (includes Tuition and Fee, Room and Board, Health Insurance) but students may deduct their scholarship awards from this total for FAS. Note: This amount does not include travel and personal expenses, books and supplies, and emergency costs. Note that this figure is an estimated cost for the upcoming year. Tuition is not fixed and one can expect a slight increase annually.

7. What about Accommodation inside the campus?

On-campus housing is not required but is encouraged to gain the most from campus life. – The choices from undergrad students include McCormick Student Village, State Street Village, or Gunsaulus Hall. Housing options, pictures and prices are listed here at the below link.

8. Is twinning program available only with IIT, Chicago?

Yes, as of now SRM University- AP signed MOU with only IIT, Chicago and we are trying for more such MOUs with other prestigious universities.

9. Will I be able to work during my studies at IIT, Chicago?

  • International students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week in on-campus jobs

  • Jobs will vary every semester, depending on which departments are hiring

  • Students looking for jobs can apply through IIT’s Office of Student Employment

  • Students looking for research opportunities can utilize resources at IIT’s Office of Undergraduate Research

  • F1 students are eligible for CPT/OPT students/employment/f-1-employment-options CPT must be authorized by the International Center

  • OPT must be approved by I-Center and authorized by the US government

  • F1 and J1 students are be eligible for on-campus jobs; see the Student Employment Office SEO site:

10. Is there any websites, where I can look for any additional information related to twinning program?


Transfer Guide for 2019-20 is at

International View book for 2019-20 is at

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