The correct analogy for the mind is not a vessel that needs filling, but wood that needs igniting” – Plutarch

Where would you go to get the most appropriate feedback to improve your learning? Whom would you approach? An active learner requires continuous assessment. Exposure to relevant remarks can make a significant impact in the learning output. Choosing the right source of feedback is important to locate your position in the learning ecosystem. This is where C-SMILE enters the frame.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is delighted to inform you that the patent application (202241010415) entitled ‘Classification of Student’s Misconceptions in Individualized Learning Environments (C-SMILE)’ got published. The patent application was submitted by Associate professor Dr Sobin C C and BTech final year student Meka Varsha as part of the Capstone Project.

C-SMILE is an innovative platform which allows students to take assessment and receive feedback based on their performance and misconceptions. This targets to refine their conceptual and individualised learning. The platform offers the benefits of automated identification of misconceptions and classification of their level of conceptual clarity. This eventually leads to pertinent feedbacks and ensures quality learning. It also helps engineering educators to classify their students into different categories based on their level of conceptual clarity. Short quizzes and multi-level assessments can utilise the objective of this platform.

Dr Sobin C C and Meka Varsha have collaborated with Mr Subheesh N P from IIT Madras and Mr Jahfar Ali from IIT Hyderabad as part of this work. The team has already published 2 conference papers. One of them is in the prestigious IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON 2022), which is the flagship conference of IEEE Education Society.

The researchers are now working on to extend this concept to incorporate Bloom’s taxonomy to formulate more specific questions based on their level in the cognitive domain.

Redefining the beauty standards

Bodily autonomyImagine being taught from a very young age that you must cater to the expectations of each and everyone around you but not yours. Think about the times you tried to fit yourself in someone else’s set of standards. Falling into the rabbit hole of hating our own appearance has become easy ever since the media started setting unrealistic beauty standards. Rise of social media fitness gurus and influencers, who are obsessed with the unreasonable “flaws” in our bodies, accelerated the process. This led to a myriad of issues ranging from eating disorders to anxiety and depression.

Claiming the existence of an alternate explanation of beauty outside the stereotypes is thus the need of the hour. Cherishing yourself the way you are is not just an act of love but a socio-political statement. The ability to choose how to use your own body, irrespective of an outsider’s opinion, is an essential right of every individual.

The Department of Student Affairs is organising a session, ‘Reclaiming bodily autonomy’ with Ms Sridevi Srinath to help you unlearn the standard narratives of beauty. Let you be the one who decides what to do and what not to do with your body.

Date: April 23, 2022

Time: 11.00 am to 12.00 pm IST

Join the session and unlearn the stereotypes!

Research clanThe whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows – Sydney J Harris

Every day is a chance to learn and unlearn things. The higher the curiosity to know more, the deeper your roots in a hopeful life. Productive utilization of knowledge has always been the key to success. Finding the application levels of the knowledge you gained and reflecting on yourself makes a huge difference from passive learning.

The Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovation is proud to announce the launch of Research Clan. This community holds the insights of research works and converts the concepts into something useful for the world. Mr. Himanshu and the team will be presenting an exciting talk about the scope, future, and value of Research papers in your career and life.

Join the clan on April 27, 2022, at 5.30 pm

Venue: Tier Classroom, Admin Building

Catch the beat and dance it out

flash mobComing together to dance your heart out will always be a good idea. Forgetting your deadlines and occasionally catching the rhythm of your life is an acceptable crime. Being spontaneously and unapologetically happy is what we all deserve to be. After all, life is too short not to have fun.

The Department of Student Affairs is super excited to let you know about the fascinating flash mob happening near the fountain this evening. The Dance Club is all set to mesmerize SRMites with collective dances to popular songs. Make some way for your random happy pills.

Date: 26 April, 2022

Venue: Near Fountain

Time: 5.00 pm

Join the flash mob and dance it out.

IR Lecture seriesPreferring to pursue a career abroad is a huge decision. Choosing the appropriate country and institution to study makes your decision worthwhile. Clearing an English Language Proficiency Test is the foremost step in this process. Then comes the struggle of finding a country compatible with you. Australian universities have always been an option for students who aspire to study abroad. This diverse country offers a wide range of opportunities for international students. A precise understanding of IELTS, the best universities, and scholarships will expedite the journey towards the higher studies you dreamed of.

The Office of International Relations and Higher Studies is organising a lecture on ‘IELTS & Study in Top Australian Universities – Intakes – Scholarships – Guidelines for SOP & Visa Preparations’ as part of their Higher Studies lecture series. The lecture intends to provide a profound knowledge regarding the advantages of studying at top Australian Universities, details of scholarships, things to know before applying, etc.

Date: April 29, 2022

Time: 11.00 am to 12.30 pm IST

Venue: Third Floor ALC-1

About the speaker

Mr Avinash Darla is the Branch Manager of IDP Education, India. He has 11+ years of experience in the education industry- Training, Overseas & Domestic education. He has served as the Business Head of Abroad Avenue, Branch Manager of Akash Education Pvt Ltd, State Head of Fliplearn Education India, etc. He has also received multiple certifications from esteemed organisations like Qualified Education Agent Certification- PIER International, Australia; Study & Live in UK Certification- British Council & Future Learn; Business Strategies Education & Development- University of Hertfordshire, UK, and many more.

Join the session to know more about the opportunities waiting for you abroad.

Resume reviewA resume comes across the recruiter or employer way before you. It single-handedly opens the door to a world of opportunities. Making yourself visible in the crowd of applicants is a craft of intelligence. Your resume should portray the most refined version of yourself in a strictly competent world. Reviewing your resume is advantageous since the reviewer evaluates from an employer’s perspective.

The Directorate of Alumni Affairs has planned to start Live Mentoring Programs by SRM-AP Alumni from different domains. The first mentoring session, Resume review, is scheduled to be organised this Saturday through zoom. Students can share their updated resumes with the mentors during the session to get practical input from them.

Date: April 30, 2022

Time: 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm IST

Be ready with your updated resume and join the mentoring session.

Register here!

computer visionMachine Learning has started its move from the cloud to the periphery of the network. Today’s edge devices are becoming smarter and are no longer the dumb devices that would simply transmit the data to some central location. The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering is conducting the 2nd department distinguished Industry-Academia Interaction lecture in the ECE DDIAIL series. Dr Amit Kumar Saha, Principal Engineer at Cisco Meraki, Bangalore, will deliver a talk on the topic  ‘Computer vision at the edge’.

The talk will focus on the evolution of a specific type of edge device, the surveillance camera, from the traditional CCTV model to the smart camera model. It will discuss some of the engineering and research challenges in building smart cameras that lie at the periphery of the network.

Date: May 7, 2022

Time: 10.30 am to 12.00 pm IST

About the speaker

Dr Amit Kumar Saha is the Principal Engineer at Cisco Meraki, Bangalore. He received his PhD degree from Rice University in 2007. Prior to that, he obtained his BTech degree from IIT Kharagpur as a recipient of Dr B C Roy Gold Medal in 1999 for being the single graduating student with the best mix of academics and extracurricular activities. Dr Amit explores the next generation of technology at the intersection of networks, distributed systems, and data science, with a special emphasis on system-wide design. He is part of Cisco Meraki’s Camera Intelligence team and enables Cisco’s internal products as well as customers better manage their AI/ML life cycles by making it easier to train and tune models and deploy distributed machine learning workloads. He passionately seeks out opportunities to give back to the community through talks, research collaborations, organising conferences, and as visiting faculty at several top institutes in India.

Join the webinar and learn from industry professionals

paper publicationMindfulness, leadership, and performing arts have deep interconnections that, if approached theoretically, can give productive outcomes to implement in workplaces and potential employees. The School of Entrepreneurship and Management Studies is delighted to inform you that the paper titled ‘Exploring mindfulness and leadership development: Lessons learned using grounded theory through the study of the performing arts’ by Dr Vimal Babu, Associate Professor, got published in the journal FIIB Business Review published by SAGE publication.

Abstract of the research

The research looks at mindfulness mechanisms and leadership characteristics as they are expressed in performing art forms. This qualitative study examines major categories to create a theoretical framework for mindful leadership development using performing arts. The present study employs the research paradigm of interpretivism to investigate respondents’ experiences and unique phenomena. The Grounded theory (GT) methodology helps explore grounded data and the development of theories. The abstract core category ‘Immense Concentration and Self-Control’ captures the abstract and inclusive meaning as understood by the sample respondents. The qualitative coding analysis aided in the investigation of the data-driven abstract phenomena. According to the findings of this study, all performing artists require a higher level of attention and self-control to demonstrate fascinating performances like Koodiyattam. A higher level of attention and self-control can be ensured based on increased mindfulness, identified leadership attributes, motivation components, values and beliefs, and personality dispositions of the performing artists. In-depth theoretical reflections on the relationships between the relevant categories are presented. The relationships between the five major categories of mindfulness processes, leadership abilities, motivation components, values and beliefs, and personality dispositions are very significant.

Explanation of the research

In simple terms, the present research explores the dynamics of mindfulness, leadership, and other potential variables enabling mindful leadership through performing arts, helping the practicing managers learn the innovative approaches to inculcate mindful leadership in employees in the workplace. To attain the research purpose, researchers studied the Koodiyattam performing arts as an instrument of mindfulness and leadership based on in-depth interviews of Koodiyattam performing artists. Since the present work explores deeper meanings and experiences to unearth unique and insightful phenomena, the Grounded Theory was appropriately employed as a methodology.

Practical implementation of the research

Managers and executives can derive valuable insights based on the present study. They would be able to understand the interconnections of mindfulness, leadership, and performing arts. It would offer them a better grounding to argue and introduce arts-based initiatives at their workplaces to enhance mindful leadership amongst potential employees aiming for well-being and career development in the organization. Several organizations have been experimenting with arts and its impact on business. However, the studies are in the nascent stage. Hence, more like-minded researchers need to join hands for diverse, global, and intercultural studies, focusing on different variables, including arts. The findings of the present research exhibit firm conviction in enlightening the industry practitioners to consider performing arts based mindful leadership training to enhance mindfulness and leadership attributes of the employees, in turn, making them productive and engaged workforce in the long run.

For this research, Dr Vimal babu has collaborated with Dr Amresh Kumar, IIM, Bodh Gaya, India, and Vipin Kumar, PMP, BT India, Gurgaon, India. His future research plans are to work in strategic leadership, negotiation, and conflict management using innovative qualitative research methods. Entrepreneurship education and circular entrepreneurship are also an area of much interest.

resume buildingA resume is your gateway to the exciting opportunities ahead. It manages to pave the way for a variety of career options. Building a resume that can highlight your most attractive skills and experiences is the first step in entering a highly competitive job market. Making yourself visible in a pool of aspirants is the key to grab your chance. A resume is not a mere document but a tool for marketing yourself. Thus, crafting a resume deserves your time and attention.

The Department of Corporate Relations & Career Services is organising the 8th segment of the industry readiness webinar series. The distinguished guest, Ms Lavanya Karthikheyan, Regional CPD Leader, Barry-Wehmiller Design Group, will deliver a speech on Resume building hacks.

Date: April 7, 2022

Time: 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm IST

Join the webinar and learn some critical hacks to build an excellent resume.

mega admission driveAt times, face-to-face interaction will help you find specific answers to your specific questions there and then. This is super important when sorting out decisions about your higher education. SRM AP would like to navigate your road to the master’s admission you have always dreamt of. We urge you to open the door to global opportunities and confidently climb the career ladder.

The Office of International Relations and Higher Studies welcomes you all to the USA Mega Admission Drive, an excellent opportunity to meet more than 30 USA Universities. In a world of information abundance, getting appropriate information is the real challenge. Thus, the university is delighted to offer you one-on-one interaction with the world-class university or institution representatives.

Date: May 12, 2022

Time: 9.00 am to 11.00 am IST

Venue: Abdul Kalam Auditorium

Get to know about the programs, eligibility, scholarships, internships, and post-study work opportunities through a more human element in your university search process. A deeper insight into the variety of options will guide you to apply for 2022/23 intakes. The admission drive allows submitting applications on the spot. The participating universities include renowned global universities such as North-eastern University, University of Massachusetts, Western Washington University, The University of Arizona, University of South Florida, Nova South-eastern University, University of Bridgeport, and many more.

Come and participate.

It’s your turn to explore the best career options awaiting you!