Dr. Rana Vikram Singh

Dr. Rana Vikram Singh, PhD Scholar, MBA (Marketing), B.Sc. (PCM). Collectively 26+ years of Work Experience in handling different Products, Processes, Concepts & Services.Worked in the prominent sectors like Automobiles, Industrial Oils-Fuels-Lubricants, ITES-BPO Services, Agriculture & Professional Education. Held responsible positions in handling the diverse disciplines of Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Customer Service, Communications, Operations, Administration and Governance. Core Expertise are in the areas of Business Administration, Operations & Governance, Corporate Communication & Digital Footprint Management. Passionate about imparting Professional Skills to Students & Working Persons through Counselling, Consulting, Mentoring, Teaching & Training. Areas of interest are Education, Employability, Intrapreneurship & Entrepreneurship. Taught ‘Business Communication’ & ‘Industrial Management’. Hobbies include Reading Books and Watching Movies. Interests consist of Meeting & Interacting with People, Listening to Soft Music and Writing Prose. Enthusiastic about practicing Candid Photography. Key Focus Areas: Student Care, Student Support, Student Welfare & Student Wellbeing.