Admission Events: Domestic

For Seminar:

Date City Registration Link
08-12-2018 Gurgaon Register Now
09-12-2018 Delhi
15-12-2018 Varanasi
16-12-2018 Patna
22-12-2018 Hyderabad
23-12-2018 Vijayawada
29-12-2018 Chennai
30-12-2018 Cochin
05-01-2019 Bhubaneswar
06-01-2019 Vizag
12-01-2019 Pune
13-01-2019 Mumbai
19-01-2019 Vadodara
20-01-2019 Ahmedabad
02-02-2019 Jamshedpur
03-02-2019 Kolkata
<09-02-2019 Nagpur
10-02-2019 Surat

For Webminar:

Date Topic Link to Register
04-12-2018 Skills in Demand: Preparing Students for the High Growth Jobs of the Future Register Now
14-12-2018 A step-by-step approach to creating writing and launching your ebook in the next 90 days Register Now
26-12-2018 5 Coolest thing you can do as a Mechanical Engineer Register Now
02-01-2019 The Power of Peer Groups and Posses in College Success Register Now
11-01-2019 5 Coolest thing you can do as an Economist Register Now
22-01-2019 B.Tech at SRM Amaravati Register Now
01-02-2019 Liberal Arts courses at SRM Amaravati Register Now
12-02-2019 Behind the scenes look at how I launch my Business Register Now
22-02-2019 5 Coolest thing you can do as a Computer Science Engineer Register Now
01-03-2019 5 mistakes to avoid while choosing your engineering college Register Now
12-03-2019 5 Coolest thing you can do as a Journalist Register Now
22-03-2019 College and Career Readiness: Preparing Students for 21st Century Work and Life Register Now