Admission International

National Sport Champion Scholarship

SRM University-AP offers a remarkable opportunity for talented athletes through its 100% tuition fee waiver. This initiative aims to recognize and support students who have excelled in sports at the national level. Whether you've clinched a championship in Football, swimming, basketball, or any other sport, this scholarship provides a full waiver of tuition fees, paving the way for you to pursue your academic and athletic dreams simultaneously. At SRM University-AP, we value diversity in all its forms, and through this scholarship, we celebrate the dedication and achievements of our nation's sports stars, empowering them to thrive both on the field and in the classroom.

Sibling Scholarship

SRM University-AP understands the importance of family and aims to support the educational journey of siblings through its special scholarship program. For siblings of both existing and prospective students, we offer a generous scholarship to ease the financial burden of pursuing higher education. This scholarship provides a significant reduction in tuition fees, allowing siblings to access quality education without worrying about excessive financial strain. By nurturing a supportive environment for families, SRM University AP encourages siblings to embark on their academic endeavors together, fostering a sense of unity and shared achievement within our campus community.

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