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The world today needs sharp minds, critical thinkers, and leaders who can leverage new opportunities and inspire positive social change. Our Bachelor in Arts (BA) programme will help students interpret and experience the world around them. Invaluable skills like communication, critical thinking and problem solving are the core of this programme. Our undergraduate programme aims to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and intellectual foundation - across humanities and social sciences - for a competitive advantage and enduring career success. In the first year of the BA programme, students are introduced to carefully crafted interdisciplinary courses on the liberal arts and social sciences. Students can choose their areas of specialisation in the following year.

SLASS students also have access to robust supports including Workshops, Seminars and learning centres for assistance with language and skill and competency development. Our faculty mentors offer full-time support to each student throughout his or her academic journey at SRMAP.

At SLASS, we believe that a liberal arts and social sciences education offers door-opening experiences, career flexibility, and opportunities for students to achieve a brighter future for themselves, their communities, and the world at large. Therefore, we challenge students to set and achieve ambitious goals for themselves, and our graduates emerge from our programmes as sharper communicators, researchers, problem solvers, and leaders equipped with the very skills that today’s employers demand.

What we offer


Liberal Arts, English, History, Economics & Psychology

Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering & Civil Engineering

Business Management, Economics, English Studies, Sociology, Journalism, History, Psychology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology


Designed to equip students with knowledge of historical processes, events and transformations in the world and Indian History from the Stone Age to the contemporary world. The curriculum is designed to cover the following broad categories:

Under the CBCS, students have the flexability to choose courses from other Disciplines/ Schools in the University.

The students of SRM UNIVERSITY-AP have an option of obtaining minors from other disciplines of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences such as Economics, Psychology, English, and Journalism.

The three-year Honours programme is extendable to an optional fourth year. The programme is fine-tuned to make the students aware of the cutting edge research being done worldwide in the discipline of History. Further, we train them to prepare for admissions in world-class universities including the Ivy League institutions for their higher studies. It also gives them the provision to submit a BA thesis which is a pre-requisite in applying to premier universities in the USA and Europe, facilitating a smooth transition to higher studies without losing an additional year

The curriculum has been comprehensively set to meet the requirements of UPSC Examinations, covering almost all aspects of the General Studies papers of both the preliminary and main examinations. Besides, students are also trained for various other national and international competitive exams such as UGC NET, PSC, GRE, and TOEFL.

SRM University-AP offers a wide range of facilities and resources to support students. The library on the campus provides an extensive collection of books and journals on History. The students have 24x7 access to online journals and other valuable online resources required to hone their writing and research skills. Students also have access to the dining area, hostels, grocery store, Health Centre & Pharmacy, Bank with ATM, Post Office and other amenities. The University is built on the idea of Green Campus and is designed by Perkins+Will, the American architecture firm that specialises in educational institutions.

All faculty members at the History department are highly qualified historians who have obtained doctorate degrees from reputed Universities and Institutes of National importance in India.

Dr Malavika Binny- PhD in History, JNU. Her areas of research interest are Intersections of Science and Gender in Ayurveda and native healing methods.

Dr Maanvender Singh- PhD in History, Central University of Sikkim.His areas of research interest are Constitutional and Judicial Epistemology of Caste, State and Politics in the Postcolonial India.

Dr Megha Yadav- PhD in History, JNU. Her areas of research interest are analysis of gender relations and performance within the Tantric Buddhist practices in Early Medieval Eastern India, Nepal and Tibet.

Dr Aqsa Agha- PhD in History, JNU. Her areas of research interest are Gender, State and Politics in Medieval India

The curriculum of the B A degree programme is designed as per the UGC guidelines. The department focuses on interactive learning through critical thinking as against rote learning and performance in examinations. The course contents prepare the students for pursuing a higher degree in social sciences




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