Head of the Department

V. Kannan
Head of Department, Professor
Email id: kannan.v@srmap.edu.in

Qualification: M.Sc (Madras U); Ph.D (Madurai U); Hon. D. Litt. (RSVP, Tirupati).

Specialization: Topology and Mathematical Analysis

Experience: 34 years as a Professor including 6 years as a Dean and 5 years as Pro-Vice-Chancellor at the Central University of Hyderabad.

Current Research: More often brings out the hidden links among various (seemingly unrelated) branches of Mathematics.


Dr. Vijaysekhar Chellaboina
Professor, Department of Mathematics and Department of Mechanical Engineering
Email id: vijay.c@srmap.edu.in

Qualification: Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Specialization: Stability Theory, Control Applications, and Financial Engineering.

Jesse Ira Deutsch
Email id: deutsch.jesse@srmap.edu.in

Qualification: Ph.D., Ph.D. Brown University, USA

Specialization: Stability Computational number theory

Experience: Over 14 years of teaching in the USA and Africa. Just under six years as a Mathematical Statistician at the US Postal Service.

Current Research: Approach to Theorems on Representation by Quadratic Forms using computation. This is used both to generate conjectures and to help prove the conjectures.

Jayasree Subramanian 
Associate Professor
Email id:  jayasree.s@srmap.edu.in

Qualification: Ph.D (University of Hyderabad)

Specialization: I have an interdisciplinary background.

  • Area of specialization for Ph.D – Representation Theory in connection with Algebraic Number Theory
  • Current Area of specialization – Mathematics Education with a focus on Curriculum Development, Teacher Education and Equity &Social Justice Concerns in Mathematics Education


  • Post Doctoral Fellow at ISI Kolkata from 1997-98
  • Post Doctoral Fellow at HRI, Allahabad from 1998-99
  • Faculty at Hyderabad Presidency College, Hyderabad from 2000-02
  • Visiting Fellow at NCBS, Bangalore for six months in 2002 to work on a project on Gender and Science Institutions in India
  • Faculty at ICFAI Business School, Bangalore from 2003-05
  • Fellow at Eklavya Foundation, Bhopal from 2005-12
  • Associate Professor at TISS, Hyderabad from 2012-2018
  • Visiting Faculty at HBCSE (TIFR), Mumbai for six months in 2019

Current Research: Presently I am interested in carrying out an empirical work in the area of Ethnomathematics with a view to enriching school mathematics curriculum. I am also trying to study how gender figures in India in enrolment, preparation and participation in the six stages of Mathematics Olympiad.

Jadav Ganesh
Assistant Professor
Email id: ganesh.j@srmap.edu.in.edu.in

Qualification: M.Sc(HCU), Ph.D. (IIT-Hyderabad)

Specialization: Stability Functional AnalysisOperator Theory

Experience: Assistant Professor, SRM-AP from July 18 to till the date.

My current research interests includes spectral theory of Absolutely norm/minimum attaining operators defined on infinite-dimensional complex Hilbert spaces and broad area of my research lies in the Functional Analysis branch of Pure Mathematics.

Fouzul Atik
Assistant Professor
Email id: atik.f@srmap.edu.in

Qualification: Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Specialization:Spectral Graph Theory, Matrix Theory

Experience: 1 year PDF at Indian Statistical Institute Delhi

current research: Characterization of Graph using Linear Algebra

Sayantan Mandal
Assistant Professor
Email id: sataytan.m@srmap.edu.in

Qualification: Ph.D. (IIT-Hyderabad).

Specialization: Fuzzy Sets and Systems

Experience: 1.5 years PDF at NTU Singapore

current research: Study on the suitability of Fuzzy inference mechanisms.

Vijayakrishna Rowthu
Assistant Professor
Email id: vijayakrishna.r@srmap.edu.in

Qualification: B.Sc.(Andhra Loyola College, AP),
M.Sc.,Ph.D. (IIT Kanpur, India),


  • Partial Differential Equations(PDE), Calculus of Variations and their real world applications to 3D/2D image processing.
  • Modeling for human brain fiber tracts using high resolution diffusion-MRI and visualizations.
  • Assistance in pre-surgical planning for Neurosurgeons.


  • 1.5 years of post-doctoral fellowship at Neurosurgery, UPMC, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
  • 1.5 years of active
  • learning based teaching for UG courses.
  • Problems in Image processing are awaiting a PDE based treatment that can incorporate physics motivated phenomenon.
  • Image inpainting is one such problem that has been solved using phase-transition phenomenon occurs in alloy separation.
  • Variational calculus based brain fiber tracking against Euler and RK schemes.

Future Research:

  • Feasibility of fusing low-contrast data for super-resolution(?).
  • Agri-commodities demand-supply forecast.
  • How fasting affects a nation’s food reserves ?

Tapan Kumar Hota
Assistant Professor
Email id:  tapan.k@srmap.edu.in

Qualification: Ph.D. (IIT Ropar, India),

Specialization: Hydrodynamic Stability, Partial Differential Equations(PDE).


  • Assistant Professor, SRM University-AP, July 2017 to December 2017.
  • Indo-US Postdoctoral Fellow, Jan 2018 to August 2018.

Awards/Recognitions: My current research topic is to study the hydrodynamic stability phenomenon known as Saffman-Taylor instability, which is also known as viscous fingering.

Assistant Professor
Email id: sivaram.c@srmap.edu.in

Qualification: PhD. (IIT Hyderabad)

Specialization: Hydrodynamic Stability, Partial Differential Equations(PDE).

Experience: 7 Month Teaching experience in NIT Calicut as Adhoc Faculty

Current research: My Current research topic is to study the Dunkl-Gabor frames in some weighted L^2 spaces associated to some reflection.

 B Madhav Reddy
Assistant Professor
Email id:  madhav.b@srmap.edu.in

Qualification: M.Sc (Mathematics) (University of Hyderabad), 2010
Ph.D. (Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata), 2019

Specialization:  Functional Analysis

Experience: Assistant Professor, SRM University - AP, March 06, 2019 -- till date

Current research: My current research interests include computing annular representation categories for particular examples of rigid C*-tensor categories and their approximation properties

Subhashree Mohapatra
Assistant Professor
Email id:  subhashree.m@srmap.edu.in

Qualification: Ph.D. IIT Kanpur

Specialization: : Applied Mathematics


  • 1.9 years NBHM post-doctoral fellow ( IIT Bhubaneswar, IISc. Bangalore)
  • 1 year NSF post-doctoral fellow (University of Florida, Florida, USA)
  • 1 year NIH post-doctoral fellow (UTHCSA, Texas, USA).

Current research: I mostly work on the numerical solutions of partial differential equations.

Partha Sarathi Patra
Assistant Professor
Email id:  parthasarathi.p@srmap.edu.in

Qualification: Ph.D. (IIT Hyderabad)

Specialization: Harmonic analysis

● Postdoctoral Fellow at IISER Bhopal (August 20, 2018, to August 20, 2019)
● Assistant Professor at SRM University, AP (August 21, 2019, to till date)

Publications: Please click here to see my publications.

Current research: Currently I am interested in Time-Frequency analysis. Specifically, I am studying multipliers in modulation spaces.

Ranjana Mehta
Assistant Professor
Email id:  ranjana.m@srmap.edu.in

Qualification:  Ph.D. (IIT-Gandhinagar, Gujarat)


  • Research Associate, IIT Gandhinagar, February 15 2019 to May 15 2019
  • Assistant Professor (Guest Faculty), B.T.K.I.T (Dwarahat), August 19 2019 to December 2 2019


  • Campus Topper in M.Sc. (Maths)- Kumaun University 2008
  • GATE All India Rank 185- MHRD 2012

Ram Baran Verma
Assistant Professor
Email id:  rambaran.v@srmap.edu.in

Qualification:  Ph.D. (IIT-Gandhinagar, Gujarat)

Awanish Tiwary
Email id: awanish.t@srmap.edu.in

Qualification: Ph.D. IIT Kanpur

Specialization: Numerical and Computational Mathematics

Experience: Post-doctoral fellow at IIT Kanpur, August 2018 to July 2019.

Current research: Computational methods for the solution of partial differential and integral equations, with emphasis on high-order efficient simulators

Firdoshi Parveen
Assistant Professor
Email id: parveen.f@srmap.edu.in

Qualification: Ph.D. (IIT, Kharagpur)

Research Area : Complex Analysis