In our curricula, we have ensured that one size fits all no longer exists, rather students are provided with different domains of learning. The curriculum is designed keeping in mind the changing needs of our students learning experiences giving students have an option to choose different paths after graduation

Our curriculum is not just courses to major and minor in, but rather helps students further thread their specializations, and help customize their learning track providing for accelerated, normal or slow learning pace. We are concerned about education and not examination.

Students are assisted with expert course counsellors who personally assist in the customization of the learning track via the Guided Learning Track (GLT). This experience is accentuated by the Totally Flexible Learning Credit System (TFLCS) providing students choices in major subjects (electrical, mechanical eng., etc), minors (finance, cinema, etc), choice of faculty, etc.

Students will not be sitting through one way discourses, but rather would be experiencing a series of active cooperative learning strategies, that incorporate different type of learning for different content., for example: definition based learning, inquiry based learning, problem based learning, experiential learning. In fact, there are no class rooms; only learning spaces. Every learning space is uniquely designed to suit the diverse learning needs.

Exploring passions. Transcending boundaries.