Use Calibri Bold. Type size 14. Use only sentence case.

Abstract Template

First name Last name1, First name Last name2, First name Last name3

  1. Affiliation 1

  2. Department of Computer Science and Engineering, SRM University – AP, Amaravati 522 502, Andhra Pradesh, India

  3. Affiliation 3

Email: (Provide email of presenting author only)


Start your abstract here. Abstract should not be more than 250 words. Do not add any figures. Avoid abbreviations or explain it in the first time you use it.

Notes to use this template:

  1. Do not change the font or style of various section such as title, author names, affiliation, email, abstract.

  2. Only replace the text from the template. If you are copy pasting from another document, paste in match destination format settings.

  3. Do not exceed the abstract more than 1- page.

Keywords: provide 3 – 5 words; keyword 1; keyword 2; keyword 3