Vice Chancellor's Advisory Board

Former Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Athletics, Cooper Union

Former Director, Institute for South Asian Studies, Columbia University, Associate Professor, University of California, Berkeley

Senior Director (Health & Life Sciences Strategy) at bgC3, LLC (Bill Gates Catalyst 3)

Dean, College of Engineering & Computer Science, Syracuse University

Professor of Anthropology, Former Director, South Asia Institute, Columbia University

Vice President for Development, Brown University

Chair, Department of Computer Science, James Frank Family Professor of Computer Science, Dartmouth College

Former Associate Dean for the MBA Program, Signal Companies’ Professor of Management, Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College

President - IIT Bombay Heritage Foundation, Board member - IIT Gandhinagar Foundation, Executive Director - Wheels India Niswarth (WIN) Foundation, Former General Manager- Combustion Engineering Environmental, Serial Entrepreneur in Plastics businesses

Former Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning, Mary & Gordon Crary Family Professor of Computer Science, Stanford University

Deputy Provost, Harvard University

Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs, Professor of Geosciences, Georgia State University

Director of The Leslie Center for the Humanities, Paul D. Paganucci Professor of Italian Literature and Language, Dartmouth College

Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Adjunct Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Director, Nano Lab, Tufts University

Dean, Honors College, School of Liberal Arts, Professor of English, University of Massachusetts, Boston

Special Advisor to the Provost & President, Professor of Computer & Cognitive Science, Olin College of Engineering